Lets talk about inspiration a bit…

Every single person who I meet in the gym when asked why they work out, what drove them to look into the gym.  The single most important thing what their inspiration was to seek out a life of fitness.

Everyone has their own reason, for some it was they wanted to look good, others to be healthy, some to lose weight (like me).  Whatever their inspiration is, the dedication to the gym is the thing that I personally find super important.
Once I found my inspiration, which had been in front of me all along (my wife and kids) I knew I had to make that change, that leap of faith towards the future and get myself back on track, to take control of my health, my physical appearance, and get myself back to the way I used to be oh so long ago.
It is beyond important to find that inspiration, I don’t understand why I was so blind to mine for as long as I was.  Frankly I never should of been, perhaps it was the endless depression that started with my Ex Wife.  Or maybe it was the physical limitations and pain I felt after my car accident.  Maybe it was from that time I slipped and fell and broke my leg.  I don’t know when it started, someone suffering from depression doesn’t ultimately identify with the exact day it started.  Normally it just sits and festers for long periods of time until it finally makes a physical appearance on your life.  Some people don’t even identify it then, but only when someone brings it up to them.
For me, I identified it when I wasn’t with my family anymore, work had sent me away from them for a few months and during that time I identified my physical limitations and I started asking myself the really hard questions. 
  • How did you get like this?
  • Why haven’t you fixed this already?
  • Whats wrong?
Those questions, and many more just like it led me to an answer I wasn’t willing to hearing before hand.  Maybe it was me missing my family, or maybe it was how I looked in the mirror, maybe both I don’t know.  But I was inspired to change my life.  For my family.
I started to diet, I cut out crazy amounts of food and started to hit the gym daily.  I walked on average of 15 kilometres as well. And in 17 weeks, I had lost 60lbs.  Of course I hit a plateau but I lost a lot of weight, I feel healthier, stronger, faster.  I live in less pain, my back used to kill daily, and now it doesn’t.  Things feel simply better since I had made this change.  I’m continuing to train, lose weight, build muscle.
So what is your inspiration?  What is your reason to hit the gym or go for long walks, train wherever it is that you train, what is what drives you?  Leave it in the comments below.