Police Future, the 2020 New Year, New Me.

It is new year, new me season, the joys of moving into the new year. I have been debating for some time changing career paths, and I have always wondered how I would go about doing so. But what path should I take? Well, if my title is any indication, it is a future in police work.

Awwww yeeee!

A local police department to where I live has a reserve constable recruiting program. This is where you become essentially a reservist police officer. The requirements of which include working 2 days a month as a cop. Of course those 2 days are a minimum requirement and I am okay with that to start. As initially there will be months of schooling, training, etc, 2 evenings and 1 full day on the weekend every week until the course of 160 hours is done.

This sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, it isn’t. I am a Canadian Forces Veteran, I have worked for over 14 years defending my country. Proudly, and I haven’t stopped yet. I fully intend to continue working for the CAF through this transition, and see if I like the police force. I enjoy my work in the CAF. But I want more, I need a job that keeps me physically active, and while the military can do that, my career within the military is that of a desk job. Not what I had originally intended when I joined CAF all those years ago.

My boy and I.

So why would I want to join the police force? Well, it is a career that would keep me on my feet, keep me moving, its not something that you spend every day in a desk unless you seek that out. I want to be out on the street, moving, chasing perps, enjoying the fresh air. I want a change in everything around me. Even if it is only on a reserve basis. If it turns out that I don’t like it, then I stay in the military. But if I do like it, I make the change and switch over to a full time constable. And that opportunity sounds amazing for me.

Imagine getting to ride around in this puppy?

So what do I have to do coming up in the future? Well, I have to lose some weight again, focus on cardio and strength training. I always train, and instead of doing strong-man style training, I will have to change my training tactics over to functional strength instead. Which has always been the goal, and improving my cardio is something I am always working on. I ride my bike to work daily, 25km a day in cycling, 7 days a week, that is a lot of kilometers every week. My cardio is pretty good, but always worth improving. Aside from that I have to do some medial check-ups, and pass a physical fitness test designed for police officers. So I am stoked for the future.

The next few months will be an interesting thing. Stay tuned as I will be focusing a lot on fitness and that will reflect here on my blog.

#Fitness – The First 20lbs, my #gym success story.

20 pounds down, the first of my initial 60 pound loss!

When I started my weight loss journey I was very depressed about my weight.  I weighed in at 292lbs.  My blood pressure was crazy bad. I simply wasn’t well.  I struggled with change and fulfilling a promise to get healthy.
The struggles were very real!  Everyday was temptation for me, I’ll explain why.  You see I was drinking 12 cans of Pepsi a day. Not to mention between 4 and 8 energy drinks a day.  I was very addicted to the caffeine and the rush it gave.  I’m not blaming the drinks though. I blame myself for not having any restraint.
I knew the first thing I had to do was give up the things that were impeding my health so I cut out pop and energy drinks.  Juice, Milk, I went to straight water.  I even gave up drinking alcohol.  It was very hard as I went cold turkey. I was addicted and I had a struggle to go everyday. I still do months later. But I haven’t relapsed on it. I’ve been strong.
So back on track. When I cut the drinks out I also added a new level of fitness training to my life.  It was crazy hard but worth it.  I added in a 5km walk per day and an hour of weight training at the gym. I followed a simple 4 day routine.
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Repeat.
In 2 weeks I lost 20lbs. Crazy extreme. But that was my all diet and influx or physical training. I had a very bad diet and without those energy drinks and pop I basically cut my daily calorie intake by an exponential amount. So I had to adjust my diet more and my weight loss slowed down. But become extremely healthy there on out. 
But those first 20lbs were the beginning of the road ahead. The addiction to fitness grew. Being able to breath properly when walking up stairs. Not feeling like death anymore from doing the simplest of tasks. I’ve learned much about myself from this.

#Fitness – #ChestDay post workout ‘feelings’.

Post workout feelings this Chest Day

Table of Contents

    Those Feels

    Have you ever worked so hard towards meeting or reaching a goal that you felt sick to your stomach when there wasn’t immediate results?  I know I feel that way everytime I work chest.  It has been a very, VERY long time since I have been able to push 2 plate.  I’m getting back to it but it makes me feel a little sick knowing it is taking so long.

    When I was younger this was easier to do, I was going up 10-15lbs a month or so, no I’m lucky to go up 5 a month.  No matter how I train.  I feel that with my new training being a slower more controlled to prevent injury of this old man body of mine that the effect is taking even longer.  Of course I’d love to blame a slower training on slower gains but the truth of the matter is I need to train properly and I just don’t like things taking so long.

    I am impatient.

    I’m in my early 30’s but I feel so much worse, having had a bad go (accidents, broken limbs, and so on) it just feels as if it has taken its toll on me and I want to get my old body back sooner than later.  I know there is no easy way to make it happen.  As a young man it still took me a long time to sculpt out my body, but as an older gentleman I am finding it much harder to get back in the swing of things and getting my body back on track.

    What I’m lifting

    On chest day I tend to start out with my heaviest exercises first, wel starting with medium weight and working my way up to my heavier weights obviously, this is where I bench or chest press.  I keep this first so I am training this way with the optimal body strength.  So basically me at my best so I reduce risk of injury.  I’m not sure if this is the best way to train though.  I guess I am going to have to read some books/epubs on this so I get a better idea on what to do.

    From there though I move into fly’s, inclined press, cable cross, etc, basically all the exercises I can do to focus on the chest.  It has worked in the past to get me to bulk up chest wise, but I also need to burn more calories, as I am trying to lose weight while building more muscle, again sometimes I wish there was an easy button for this.

    #Fitness – A little Dietary Planning goes a long way

    As a shift worker I have to find ways to such schedule out my days/eves/mids.  Luckily my work supplies me with time for my workouts (as we have an hour and a half gym time on shift).  Its a good gig like that.  So I drafted up a slight diet change for me, and some workout plans.

    Note below that I mention Xbox Fitness.  Thats because I love and use Xbox Fitness.  Its been essential to my weight loss to date!

    My dietary changes may not be the healthiest either, but should they be unhealthy, that seems like someone elses problem.  But really they are my problem but I am working on it and changing and adjusting daily.  These are just base guidelines to my health and fitness routine.  And so far they are working out for me.

                Weight: 200lbs

                Waist:   32-34” (high school size)

    Dietary Changes:
    1. High protein (1-2g per pound of bodyweight)
    2. Low to moderate carbs (low carbs on non-training days, moderate carbs on training days)
    3. High EFA’s (essential fatty acids)
    4. As little sugar as possible.        
    5. No carbs after 6 PM! (No Exceptions)
    6. No Food past 9 PM! (Exception Mid Shifts)
    7. No Food before 7AM! (Exception Mid Shifts)
    8. No Juice / Pop / Sparkling Water / Tea
    9. Water Only!!!! (Cannot stress this enough)
    10. Sunday is CHEAT day, you can have Your Sparkling Water and a Treat (but not pop)
    11. Calories per day 1800 (Cheat day: 2000)
    12. Track exercises in Runtastic (as per normal)
    Portion out Daily Food:
    1.     Buy containers for food
    2.     Package ‘daily’ packs of food for when @ work (makes life easier) (meeting daily requirements)
    3.     Links at bottom of email have good ideas of what to package
    4.     Ensure daily packages do not exceed daily calorie allowances
    5.     Eat one pack per day
    1.     Take photo of self at current weight from multiple angles
    2.     Take measurements (with the tape and fat caliper)
    3.     Journal current weight and measurements
    4.     Take weekly measurements
    5.     Weigh in every Sunday
    6.     Track Weight in Runtastic, and all other measurements in MFP


    Daily (When at work):

    Xbox Fitness (before or/and after work)

    • Tai Chi: Warmup
    • Tai Chi: Session (1/2/3/4/5)(a/b) based on rotation (approx. duration 35 minutes) (Minimum 30 minutes)

    Elliptical (Except on LEG Day, no Elliptical on Leg Day):

    • Incline: 100 Incline
    • Resistance: 4 (or 5)
    • Duration: 30 Minutes

    Strength Exercise:

      • Sets: Minimum of 5 
      • Reps: 10 per set
      • Duration: 45

    Weight: Medium weight (except leg and back day, go high)

    Minimum time during work days: 1hr 45 Minutes

    Daily (When on Days off of work): (These are rest days, but still ‘active’ to help burn)

    Treadmill or Walk outside:

    • Incline: 2
    • Duration 30 Minutes
    • Speed: 4.5km per hour

    This is to be done at least twice a day while on days off for maximum results!

    Xbox Fitness: (At least 30 minutes a day)

    • Tai Chi: Warmup
    • Pilates: Core Workout
    • 10 Minute Solution: Kick Boxing

    Minimum Time on Days off of work: 1hr 30 minutes of exercise per day (that’s easy to achieve)

    #Fitness – Finding your Inspiration

    Lets talk about inspiration a bit…

    Every single person who I meet in the gym when asked why they work out, what drove them to look into the gym.  The single most important thing what their inspiration was to seek out a life of fitness.

    Everyone has their own reason, for some it was they wanted to look good, others to be healthy, some to lose weight (like me).  Whatever their inspiration is, the dedication to the gym is the thing that I personally find super important.
    Once I found my inspiration, which had been in front of me all along (my wife and kids) I knew I had to make that change, that leap of faith towards the future and get myself back on track, to take control of my health, my physical appearance, and get myself back to the way I used to be oh so long ago.
    It is beyond important to find that inspiration, I don’t understand why I was so blind to mine for as long as I was.  Frankly I never should of been, perhaps it was the endless depression that started with my Ex Wife.  Or maybe it was the physical limitations and pain I felt after my car accident.  Maybe it was from that time I slipped and fell and broke my leg.  I don’t know when it started, someone suffering from depression doesn’t ultimately identify with the exact day it started.  Normally it just sits and festers for long periods of time until it finally makes a physical appearance on your life.  Some people don’t even identify it then, but only when someone brings it up to them.
    For me, I identified it when I wasn’t with my family anymore, work had sent me away from them for a few months and during that time I identified my physical limitations and I started asking myself the really hard questions. 
    • How did you get like this?
    • Why haven’t you fixed this already?
    • Whats wrong?
    Those questions, and many more just like it led me to an answer I wasn’t willing to hearing before hand.  Maybe it was me missing my family, or maybe it was how I looked in the mirror, maybe both I don’t know.  But I was inspired to change my life.  For my family.
    I started to diet, I cut out crazy amounts of food and started to hit the gym daily.  I walked on average of 15 kilometres as well. And in 17 weeks, I had lost 60lbs.  Of course I hit a plateau but I lost a lot of weight, I feel healthier, stronger, faster.  I live in less pain, my back used to kill daily, and now it doesn’t.  Things feel simply better since I had made this change.  I’m continuing to train, lose weight, build muscle.
    So what is your inspiration?  What is your reason to hit the gym or go for long walks, train wherever it is that you train, what is what drives you?  Leave it in the comments below.