About me

Hey its me, SimmyDizzle. I am a streamer of video games, a programmer for hire, a poet, albeit a bad one; and a strongman.

A wild SimmyDizzle appears and uses GymSelfie. Its highly effective.

I love food, video games, women and all around good times, however I have learned to not mix all three of those things. Food and Women, video games and food, but never women and video games. That one always backfires on me.

Jokes aside I enjoy a good round video game; I love to ride my bicycle, and obviously I love lifting weights.

This page has a little bit of me from all over the place, some recipes, workout routines, poems, video games, movie reviews, etc. All things that I am intrinsically part of in one way shape or form.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, share with your friends, and do come on back!

My Streaming Hardware

This is my current streaming hardware, not including my core computer and my consoles. I can provide links to those as well if anyone would like them.

Recent Posts

Bright AF

AIO Cooler, the time has come!

Well, the time has come for me to delve back into my roots and build a computer. Well, rebuild that is, all my parts are here and I finally had the time to adventure forth through the upgrade. With no major or minor hiccups the computer is ready to go.

Running Playlist: Synthwave

You rev your actuators in anticipation while the nanoscale accumulators in your muscles prepare to convert lactic acid into stored energy for your synthetic second heart. The anime girl startup image of your custom warez firmware flashes on your HUD just before your cochlear nerve directly plays the message: combat mode engaged in a text-to-sound […]

The Batman

The Batman… A Movie Review.

I am a long-standing Batman fan, and I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive over Robert Pattinson playing the titular hero that I grew up admiring and honestly wanting to be. My apprehension was misplaced, clearly, as this is by far my favourite iteration of Batman to date.


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