Where the heck have I been?

So for those who keep an eye on my blog, which oddly enough is a lot of people. They have been wondering where I have been at these days. Sure my automated posts are happening, but nothing really new from me.

Well, the answer to that question is, I have been dedicating time to my son, whom recently flew across the country to live with me after a hectic 5 month battle back and forth with my ex-wife. I talked about this court battle in a previous post here.

I am have been focusing on getting my son to settle in to his new life on the most awesome part of our country. I have been dedicating my time to ensuring that all his needs are met and that we carry on forward doing everything in his best interest. It has been a big change for my young lad.

I have also been dedicating some time to myself. I have been stressed out for months and it has impacted my life immensely. I gained nearly 60lbs, despite my best efforts to keep fit, it just hasn’t happened. So I got myself a gym membership and have dedicated some extra time to going to the gym, this is different than the gym my work provides. However the one my work provides has been unavailable to me for some time due to manning issues.

I know, some of you are thinking, “But I have seen you streaming on DLive”, this is very true. I have also been streaming more often over on DLive. I have been attempting to get my mental health in order, not that it was really wrong, but I have been so stressed out due to my legal battles that I haven’t even played games for myself. So it has been nice to sorta get back in to it. My friend Craig (APACHE_N4SIR, the legendary halo 2 gamer) has been beside me emotionally the entire time. He has been my rock and I have been coming back into gaming with him. It has been great.

During my time away from the blog I also founded the No Pants Crew (NPC). A team of united gamers with a hatred towards pants. Its a bit of a gag but it is truly funny. The No Pants Crew is growing.

But I digress.

The were have I been question has been answered, and I would like to say Hello to all my friends, family, and readers here. I will start to be a little more active again, more meme dumps are coming, more fitness posts, more recipes, the whole nine yards as they say. It is coming. I am already working on several posts for the future and I hope to see you here reading.

Feel free to leave comments. I’ll try to respond to them all.

Police Future, the 2020 New Year, New Me.

It is new year, new me season, the joys of moving into the new year. I have been debating for some time changing career paths, and I have always wondered how I would go about doing so. But what path should I take? Well, if my title is any indication, it is a future in police work.

Awwww yeeee!

A local police department to where I live has a reserve constable recruiting program. This is where you become essentially a reservist police officer. The requirements of which include working 2 days a month as a cop. Of course those 2 days are a minimum requirement and I am okay with that to start. As initially there will be months of schooling, training, etc, 2 evenings and 1 full day on the weekend every week until the course of 160 hours is done.

This sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, it isn’t. I am a Canadian Forces Veteran, I have worked for over 14 years defending my country. Proudly, and I haven’t stopped yet. I fully intend to continue working for the CAF through this transition, and see if I like the police force. I enjoy my work in the CAF. But I want more, I need a job that keeps me physically active, and while the military can do that, my career within the military is that of a desk job. Not what I had originally intended when I joined CAF all those years ago.

My boy and I.

So why would I want to join the police force? Well, it is a career that would keep me on my feet, keep me moving, its not something that you spend every day in a desk unless you seek that out. I want to be out on the street, moving, chasing perps, enjoying the fresh air. I want a change in everything around me. Even if it is only on a reserve basis. If it turns out that I don’t like it, then I stay in the military. But if I do like it, I make the change and switch over to a full time constable. And that opportunity sounds amazing for me.

Imagine getting to ride around in this puppy?

So what do I have to do coming up in the future? Well, I have to lose some weight again, focus on cardio and strength training. I always train, and instead of doing strong-man style training, I will have to change my training tactics over to functional strength instead. Which has always been the goal, and improving my cardio is something I am always working on. I ride my bike to work daily, 25km a day in cycling, 7 days a week, that is a lot of kilometers every week. My cardio is pretty good, but always worth improving. Aside from that I have to do some medial check-ups, and pass a physical fitness test designed for police officers. So I am stoked for the future.

The next few months will be an interesting thing. Stay tuned as I will be focusing a lot on fitness and that will reflect here on my blog.

#Fitness – The Stair Machine #CardioMode

Whats this new fancy thing

Table of Contents

    Stair Machine

    My work recently added this new fancy stair machine to our work gym.  It has directly influenced and changed the way I proceed about my gym life and activities.  Before I avoided the dreaded word Cardio, but now I am more focused on it than ever.  With the stair machine I find I get an amazing workout before I even get to my weight training.

    How Long

    I focus on doing the maximum amount of time the machine lets me go for, it does 30 minutes before entering into the 5 minute cooldown phase.  This has been an amazing choice as my warm up before I get into the core part of my workout, which is the weight training.


    The intensity I use (or speed) for the stair climbing is incremental.  Every minute that goes by I increase the level by 1 until it gets too fast for me, this usually happens around the 11-12 minute mark. Then I start lowering the intensity down but on the way down I never go below 5 and from there I will go up and down in intensity until my 35 minutes is done.

    Cardio it up

    For those whom know my mantra of the gym its that Cardio Sucks and Kills my Gains.  And anyone reading this can call me on it, but for me if I train straight cardio I find that my muscles get wrecked by it quickly.  I would rather work with the weights than ever touch cardio.  But this machine is changing my view on that.  The benefits of the stair machine is great and whatever musclemass I would lose from cardio I know I’ll gain back or prevent loss of during my next phase of my normal gym routine, which is my weight training.

    Killing it

    Lately since this machine entered my life I have been killing it, the cardio that is. Which I never do, I gave up running a while back because of the pain in my knee’s it caused. I find the stair machine quite a different entity, my knee’s don’t hurt from doing it, so I am encouraged by that to keep at it. And as a result I’m burning a lot of calories and enjoying every minute I get on that machine.

    What about the Weights

    Well if you know me, or read my blog you know that I ain’t giving up the weights, I love lifting, pulling, dragging, curling and pretty much anything else that has todo with weight training, they ain’t leaving my life anytime soon. In fact I May just kick it up a notch now especially if this cardio helps me lose some fat, which I am still struggling with, but thats another story for another blog post.

    #Fitness – Happy New Year #Gym Goers!


    Always being hungry is an issue for this man, especially after a really good workout.

    Lately I have been looking back at my time in Masset BC, Canada.  I was eating 3 meals a day, 1800 calories a day, and losing crazy weight.  Sure the life style was a bit different, and I wasn’t starving either.

    Now the complicated thing happens, I come home to Ontario from Masset and my weight plateau’s out.  And I find it harder and harder to move around, constantly drained.  Its the different style of living that I have at home, its far more restricted but it is acceptable for why.  But still.

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    It took me a few months to figure it out but I finally got it on lockdown.  My eating habits while different started to go back to the original ones.  Which is terrible.  Aiming to control that will yield the best result.  Then I will be able to enjoy my baby birdie sandwiches again.  With it being New Years, my resolution is to get my eating back on track.  That means I have to take control of my diet again and really hammer down on it.  I already goto the gym daily and work out, now its time to get my diet squared off again.

    I also expect people to have new gym resolutions, but I think they need to look at their lives and think to themselves, is this what I really want, or is it I want the convenience of a gym without rarely accessing it.  That is a terrible way to live and it is truly a terrible way.  At least in my opinion.

    I look forward to seeing people in the gym for the next 2 weeks then never again.  As per every year. (This is a terrible joke, but I really am looking forward to seeing some new faces)

    If you want to be helpful to the new resolutionsers, please see my blog post on how to welcome them, and if you are new to the gym, you should read the post as well, its got my basic rules for gyming.  Its nothing special, but its just some helpful hints for all, you can find the link right here: Welcoming New Years Resolutioners.

    With that said, to all my new friends who have taken up the call to change your life, whether it is to get fit, or keep fit.  To lose weight or bulk up, welcome to the gym, and I look forward to seeing you all there.


    #Fitness – The First 20lbs, my #gym success story.

    20 pounds down, the first of my initial 60 pound loss!

    When I started my weight loss journey I was very depressed about my weight.  I weighed in at 292lbs.  My blood pressure was crazy bad. I simply wasn’t well.  I struggled with change and fulfilling a promise to get healthy.
    The struggles were very real!  Everyday was temptation for me, I’ll explain why.  You see I was drinking 12 cans of Pepsi a day. Not to mention between 4 and 8 energy drinks a day.  I was very addicted to the caffeine and the rush it gave.  I’m not blaming the drinks though. I blame myself for not having any restraint.
    I knew the first thing I had to do was give up the things that were impeding my health so I cut out pop and energy drinks.  Juice, Milk, I went to straight water.  I even gave up drinking alcohol.  It was very hard as I went cold turkey. I was addicted and I had a struggle to go everyday. I still do months later. But I haven’t relapsed on it. I’ve been strong.
    So back on track. When I cut the drinks out I also added a new level of fitness training to my life.  It was crazy hard but worth it.  I added in a 5km walk per day and an hour of weight training at the gym. I followed a simple 4 day routine.
    • Back
    • Chest
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Repeat.
    In 2 weeks I lost 20lbs. Crazy extreme. But that was my all diet and influx or physical training. I had a very bad diet and without those energy drinks and pop I basically cut my daily calorie intake by an exponential amount. So I had to adjust my diet more and my weight loss slowed down. But become extremely healthy there on out. 
    But those first 20lbs were the beginning of the road ahead. The addiction to fitness grew. Being able to breath properly when walking up stairs. Not feeling like death anymore from doing the simplest of tasks. I’ve learned much about myself from this.