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The Future of Mixer Streamers

The title says it all right? As Microsoft closes its doors on Mixer another door opens for game streaming. So what do I mean, well, facebook gaming is becoming a […]



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an outstanding game by Activision and Infinity Ward. This game defied all odds when it launched to the criticial success it did being a […]



How about some memes about this crazy world we live in right now? I am 100% ready!


A little Hard Drive Death?

Its a magical moment when you are faced with the death of a hard drive, but today, I witnessed my gaming hdd die a gruesome death. Today, it failed to […]


Meme Dump #10

Well where the F*ck have I been? Its time for another meme dump! So hold onto your butts folks! Here we go! That sums it up for now… But more […]


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Lately I have been playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4 Pro, this has been an adventure and a half, and I am only 9 hours into the […]


Top 10 COVID-19 “models”

Are you enjoying the social distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, I guess some people are trying to make the best of it, why not join them? Give it is […]