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Facebook Gaming vs SimmyDizzle

Well, you seen it here first folks, that is, if you haven’t followed my Facebook Gaming page yet that is. I have moved from Twitch over to Facebook Gaming. This […]


Am I Haunted?

So, my girlfriend told me that when I am not home, the sleep she has is amazing. However when I am home, there is a dark, foreboding feeling in the […]

Movies / Reviews 2

I Watched 8 “Nightmare on Elm Street Movies” in 7 Days

Just as blogging is a dead art form, DVDs (like most physical media) are a dying/dead media. Well, I am combining both by writing a blog entry about how I […]



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an outstanding game by Activision and Infinity Ward. This game defied all odds when it launched to the criticial success it did being a […]



How about some memes about this crazy world we live in right now? I am 100% ready!


Meme Dump #10

Well where the F*ck have I been? Its time for another meme dump! So hold onto your butts folks! Here we go! That sums it up for now… But more […]


Top 10 COVID-19 “models”

Are you enjoying the social distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, I guess some people are trying to make the best of it, why not join them? Give it is […]


NPC 01

Name: Lars LarsenTitle: MadmanType: Human Description: Look to the shadows, the corners, the dark places where there is a place to hide; here is where you will find Lars Larsen. Larsen is always trying […]