Frozen II… A Movie Review…

So I went to see Frozen II. I don’t normally go to the movie theatre, but I had an opportunity to go and see Frozen II the other day, and I did.

This movie is a good movie for the kids, but in my opinion not as good as the first one. I found the first movie had a lot more interest and story to it.

Maybe it is because the characters are already established, but it just felt like the story was lacking a story for the characters. Do not get me wrong, there was a story, it just didn’t have any depth for the characters, in my humble opinion of course.


I won’t take long reviewing this movie because it is a solid 5 out 10. Kids will love it, parents will probably be bored out of their mind.

Despite my low rating though, I recommend everyone give it a go, perhaps I am overthinking it, maybe I am, maybe I am not, but I feel as if it is lacking.

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Author: simmydizzle

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