Event Horizon… A Movie Review. (Halloween Horrors Edition)

You had to know that space movies are my favourite movies, and nothing would please me more than writing a review on what I would consider, the best space horror movie ever. Event Horizon. This movie to this day, creeps me out the entire damn time. I love it! Warning! This post has some graphic photos from the movie, if you aren’t able to handle horror movie gore, skip this one.

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The Evil Dead (1981)… A Movie Review.

Things are about to get Groovy! Back in the Day, Sam Raimi was the director of what could be called, the scariest movie of its time. Rightfully so, as this movie hit all the creepy vibes and used the best animations of the time.

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Donnie Darko… A Movie Review.

This movie is more a mystery than a horror movie, but don’t get it twisted; if you are unprepared, this movie hits like a horror movie. And thus, we review it this horror movie season!

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Pari… A Movie Review.

Pari is a Hindi language movie straight from Bollywood about of all things, a fairy. This demonic take on a fairy is just what the horror movie enthusiast ordered.

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Stree… A Movie Review.

Did you think this month of horror reviews wouldn’t contain horror movies from Bollywood? Well, you’d be wrong if you thought so. My love of Hindi movies is quite expansive and that extends into the horror realm! Let me introduce you to, Stree!

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