Bhoot Police (2021) – A movie review

You’ve all heard of the Ghost Busters right? Well Bhoot Police is a funny Hindi tale of two brothers who inherited their fathers business as a spiritualist that banishes spirits.

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Meme Dump #7



Frozen II… A Movie Review…

So I went to see Frozen II. I don’t normally go to the movie theatre, but I had an opportunity to go and see Frozen II the other day, and I did.

This movie is a good movie for the kids, but in my opinion not as good as the first one. I found the first movie had a lot more interest and story to it.

Maybe it is because the characters are already established, but it just felt like the story was lacking a story for the characters. Do not get me wrong, there was a story, it just didn’t have any depth for the characters, in my humble opinion of course.


I won’t take long reviewing this movie because it is a solid 5 out 10. Kids will love it, parents will probably be bored out of their mind.

Despite my low rating though, I recommend everyone give it a go, perhaps I am overthinking it, maybe I am, maybe I am not, but I feel as if it is lacking.

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Recently I posted about some isues I’ve had with plex over here. It deleted a lot of my movie libraries. Luckily as I discovered I did have a backup of some of my media, so not as much was lost, but, it was from a much earlier time, and the file naming conventions were much different than they are today.

I remember working tirelessly towards renaming the movies into a way that Plex could actually identify with its media scanners. If only I had of known about Filebot back then.

This program just saved me countless hours manually renaming files to be able to have the plex media scanners identify the movies that I had lost. This is an absolute godsend. It was worth the 6$ USD for a license as it just renamed hundreds of movies from my backup drive for me and it was super accurate.

Some of the best features of it are your ability to actually create a new format for your rename tool. You can sculpt it however you want with an option in the renamer. How much of a treat is this. As an example, most of my movies were named like the following: ‘1981.stripes.mp4’, however plex cannot identify them like that. So I changed it up, and now it renames the files to ‘stripes (1981).mp4’. Moreover, I have it creating a directory for each movie, so it’ll actually be ‘stripes (1981)\stripes (1981).mp4’. This is excellent, because series of movies that share the same name, but just have a different year can be confused by plex as ‘cd 1 and cd 2’ etc, and join them together.

All around my usage of this has saved countless hours for me when it comes to sorting my media and returning my media server to its former glory.


With the use of filebot, you can even tie it in to your Torrents, which I don’t agree with, however should you use torrents, this could be a great help using its command line interface capabilities to automatically rename your files for you. This can do TV shows, and Movies with ease. There are full on scripts written in python for executing upon completion of the download. As someone who doesn’t use Torrents, I’d have to say, this is compelling to have me start. I have relied for years on purchasing my media and ripping my old media formats, such as all my Disney movies from old VHS were ripped to my computer, and my DVD’s were all ripped as we live in a digital age. Further to that, I have also purhcased hundreds if not thousands of movies online throughout the years. Combining these into one location and naming them using the same naming convention with ease makes Filebot a must have for any digital media user.

In the end, I recommend this if you have a library of digital movies / tv shows.