For almost a year now I have been hammering away at losing weight.  I have had my ups and downs, my ins and outs. Tears have been shed, along with blood.  I have poured sweat and spent countless hours trying to make a difference in my health.  And I have been quite successful.

Would you be surprised to know that in 19th April 2015 I weighed in at an astounding 292lbs?  I sure was surprised by it, I never felt like I looked like I weighed all that much.  But boy was I wrong.  How was I ever so wrong….

I looked at myself in late April 2015 and realized that I was gianormous. (or fat) Something was going to change, I was going to die if I didn’t make a change.  I was drinking 12-15 cans of pop a day some days, drinking at least 4 energy drinks per day.  And while I had been going to the gym pretty steadily for 2 years, all I was doing was tricking myself into thinking I could keep going the way I was.  So I made a change.

In april 2015 I left my home for work and was gone for 5 months doing hazmet related work (asbestos abatement). 12 hours a day inside of a hazmat suit, walking 15km a day, and most importantly not drinking any pop OR energy drinks.  Those were the changes I made, I could make those changes as I had left my family behind. And while it hurt to leave them behind it gave me a level of freedom to get well.  So I did.  Leaving my family behind wasn’t exactly a choice though, and of itself was very demoralizing.  I used every moment I could to talk to them, which re-inspired me to keep with the changes that needed to happen.

17 weeks into my abatement I had lost 60lbs.  A plateau I am still at today.  I weight in today at 232lbs. Its a lot better then I weighed before.  Quite a lot better at that, but I wish it was more.  My goal weight is to hit 200lbs (or 90lbs of weight loss).  And I have hit this plateau and it is demoralizing, being stuck at a weight for so long.

Again my Diet comes into play.  I eat a very basic diet, nothing too special, but the part that hinders me is the fact that I eat a lot of carbs, too many carbs at that, and now I have to make another change in my life.  Cut the Carbs, so thats where I am today.  I have to create a new diet, and hope and pray that I get it right and I get back to losing weight. 

And that leads us up to date.  I wanted to start writing about this before but I never felt inspired to do so.  I never felt the need to convey my feelings with regards to this, and albeit a little bit ashamed of myself for letting myself get so out of shape and let my body fall apart the way I did.  But now I have started this journey a new.

So starting today I will be writing weekly posts, every Thursday it should be up by 1230AM EST.  I hope you will all join me on my journey to health and happiness.

To my family, thanks for inspiring me and helping me through this difficult time and getting me back in shape, and back to being healthy.  I love you all!