TikTok Click Clock?

Recently I have become quite invested in TikTok. I know, I know, I’m an old man, why am I on TikTok? Well, the answer is, its super duper fun, I could not believe just how fun it could be, as such, I started making my own content for TikTok. My first attempts failed horribly due to audio issues, which I spoke about here. But I digress, lets get into some of my favourite TikTok’s that I have made!

TikTok Logo!

I absolutely love food, so I couldn’t help myself when I made this video of sausages fresh from the BBQ. With summer being upon us, I suspect I will post a few more of these BBQ related TikTok’s in the future! Because Om Nom Nom!

And I most certainly couldn’t help myself with this duet video I made. This was me, just having some fun, and really getting used to how TikTok worked. I laughed a lot at the video I duetted, which is why I duetted it. I probably could of done something a lot more fun, but hey, TikTok is a new content creation platform for myself. Just dipping my toes in.


its BBQ season. corn on the BBQ is the best! #bbq #food #steak #fyp #asparagus

♬ original sound – SimmyDizzle

What was that? More BBQ stuff? Don’t mind if I do! I love, absolutely love a good BBQ Meal.

How about a stitched video? Well, I thought it was funny, I couldn’t keep myself composed properly for what I had intended, but I wasn’t about to re-record it as I felt it just wouldn’t feel right. I’ll get better at it with time.


But ya know what, SimmyDizzle is a video gamer, and a streamer, why isn’t he showcasing some gameplay. Well, hold onto your butts… It is coming! Lets go fam!

How about that small lil’ hot-mic to kick it off?


Pew Pew! i was dared to become #Elmo for a quad match! Turns out I sound more like Dobby.. #warzoneclips #fypシ #quads #callofduty #cod #warzone

♬ original sound – SimmyDizzle

I have a feeling Elmo will make his return to the live-stream in the future, he was a big hit. Seriously, when my chat found out that I could do a somewhat okay version of Elmo’s voice, they asked me to play a round with it, and they were dying in chat. So I will probably do that again, with a little more practice first so I get the voice right!


Mickey Mouse.. Baby you know what I’m about! No hate here! Just lols! #warzone #warzoneclips #forthelolz #callofduty #followz

♬ original sound – SimmyDizzle

How about my Mickey Mouse? Did I do okay? I haven’t practiced this voice in years, not since my eldest son was about 3. My youngest didn’t like Mickey Mouse so I never did the voice. But my eldest loved it! It had been a while, but I think I did a half decent job!

Good ole fashioned shoostings were going on! And yes, I know how I spelt that.


How about we have a dubalub? Dub’s are always good, guest starring Uncle Tony, and Nickky_Tesla. My besties!


Pew Pew Pew, trios in a quad match because reasons. #wz #fypシ #warzoneclips #warzone #callofdutymodernwarfare @uncletonyohficial92

♬ original sound – SimmyDizzle

Why not some good ole fashioned murder? Because we cleaned house! Uncle Tony and Nickky_Tesla joined me again for this.

Honestly folks, this is super duper fun. I truly enjoy posting clips to my TikTok of things that happened in game, and I like making unique content for TikTok!

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Lastly, I will leave one final clip here, because its cute, and I can’t help myself! Enjoy!

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