The one day Vacation

Recently I took a short vacation, in scheduled and it took place instead of a stream. It was an outing that I did not know that I needed. And I am grateful.

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Splitgate Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cross Halo Multiplayer, with valves classic game Portal in some sort of Arena Deathmatch of super spiciness? Me either, but apparently the guys and 1047 games did. Meet Splitgate!

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I haven’t talked about myself in a while, unless you talked to me recently, then you’ve probably heard me talking about myself. Not sure why, but I do. A lot.

This is the photo that I use for literally everything.
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E-Girls are ruining my life!

Just like the title says, E-Girls are ruining my life. TikTok is full of them, weeb level is over 9000. Senpai needs to notice me, daddy. This is a common statement that I am reading/hearing on almost every single TikTok video. The worst part is, I haven’t even looked for this stuff. It just starting showing up on my ‘For You Page (FYP)’.

E-Girl ‘Jesse’ from FF7R. Take it or leave it.
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Call of Duty: Warzone Leaked Map – Ural Mountains

Update: tweets with videos of gameplay in the new engine are gone. And the full map has been removed via DMCA. I will continue to look for more information on this. But it looks like Activision is actively removing the pictures/videos/links to content.

So it has come to pass, a map and gameplay have leaked from an unreleased COD. Whether this is from in-game from say, WARZONE, or from within Cold War engine, I am not sure, but the video looked absolutely lit. The video was smooth, clean, crisp, and it showed the Blackout UI, modernized by the looks of it, as well as a massive map.

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