Where the heck have I been?

So for those who keep an eye on my blog, which oddly enough is a lot of people. They have been wondering where I have been at these days. Sure my automated posts are happening, but nothing really new from me.

Well, the answer to that question is, I have been dedicating time to my son, whom recently flew across the country to live with me after a hectic 5 month battle back and forth with my ex-wife. I talked about this court battle in a previous post here.

I am have been focusing on getting my son to settle in to his new life on the most awesome part of our country. I have been dedicating my time to ensuring that all his needs are met and that we carry on forward doing everything in his best interest. It has been a big change for my young lad.

I have also been dedicating some time to myself. I have been stressed out for months and it has impacted my life immensely. I gained nearly 60lbs, despite my best efforts to keep fit, it just hasn’t happened. So I got myself a gym membership and have dedicated some extra time to going to the gym, this is different than the gym my work provides. However the one my work provides has been unavailable to me for some time due to manning issues.

I know, some of you are thinking, “But I have seen you streaming on DLive”, this is very true. I have also been streaming more often over on DLive. I have been attempting to get my mental health in order, not that it was really wrong, but I have been so stressed out due to my legal battles that I haven’t even played games for myself. So it has been nice to sorta get back in to it. My friend Craig (APACHE_N4SIR, the legendary halo 2 gamer) has been beside me emotionally the entire time. He has been my rock and I have been coming back into gaming with him. It has been great.

During my time away from the blog I also founded the No Pants Crew (NPC). A team of united gamers with a hatred towards pants. Its a bit of a gag but it is truly funny. The No Pants Crew is growing.

But I digress.

The were have I been question has been answered, and I would like to say Hello to all my friends, family, and readers here. I will start to be a little more active again, more meme dumps are coming, more fitness posts, more recipes, the whole nine yards as they say. It is coming. I am already working on several posts for the future and I hope to see you here reading.

Feel free to leave comments. I’ll try to respond to them all.

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