The Equalizer… A Movie Review.

My rants continue on old movies with another one, this isn’t as old as some of the others I’ve been writing about. The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington and is simply a great movie. Movies like this make me want to write super quick posts like ‘The Equalizer, go see it’. But that just isn’t enough now is it?


Such a serious look!

This movie had me hooked from start to finish, and has brought me back over, and over again throughout the years. This is a movie that when it is on TV, I just have to watch it.

The acting, action, story, are all superb, and as such, I give this a 9.5 out of 10. It has the rewatchability that I enjoy. If you can only watch a movie once, but not again, it just isn’t worth it. Luckily, this movie holds true most of Denzel’s movies, simply amazing.

I’d hire this man to pwn some nubs for me anyday of the week. #TeenagerTalkForFightingPeople

If you’re interested in a good action thrillride, this is a movie for you, if you’re into anything else, well, this is also the movie for you. Just watch it! It is worth it. And if you’ve already seen it, watch it again.

Author: simmydizzle

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