I was supposed to be working back today but I ended up working arms instead. Just wasn’t feeling #BackDay. But I was feeling arms. So #ArmDay it is! I love my #gym 3 specially when its an empty one. Which it was today. Gotta love it. Got a great pump on. #SimmyDizzle pushed his limits with 5 exercises. 5 sets per exercise. Rep out on each set. This pushed my limits for sure. #Fitness is a lifestyle though and u am late to discover that. In my 30s and I am trying to undo the last 8 years of neglect. 60lbs overweight still. Although I’ve already lost 60lbs. It’s time to change my training and push harder again and crush out those last 60lbs. Been almost 6 months maitaining the #WeightLoss so now it’s time to start losing again. It’s still my set. #ISYMFS. #IronBorn #IronAddict #GymTime #Selfie #GymSelfie #gymharderthanme Let’s do this! Follow my #FitnessJourney and see where I go and how I get there. I’m tired of being put down so it’s time to rise up, #LiftHeavy and crush the doubters! via Instagram http://ift.tt/1pV2fWq