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Just doing some end stream work. I think this is a nice addition to the stream. Pop on by my twitch channel ( and say hey, every like and share of this post helps us grow as a community. So do feel free to share this around! β€”β€” Info β€”β€” The No Pants Crew πŸš«πŸ‘–founder, SimmyDizzle is here to engage our community, connect with new people, and play amazing games. I strive to make to meaningful connections with other members of the No Pants Crew community and welcome everyone so long as they can adhere to some basic rules! I am a Twitch Affiliate and I enjoy gaming, chatting, and you. I am an Xbox gamer mostly, not because I don’t like Sony or PC gaming, but because this is where a majority if my friends play. I have no affiliation to any one platform and I do play on them all. —– Rules —– – Do not post ANY explicit content 😲 – Do not post Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Conduct ☠️ – Do not attempt to impersonate members of the No Pants Crew or other networks πŸ‘₯ – Do not post Hate Speech and Other Harassment 🀬 – Do not Direct Message NPC unless requested – Use #help-hub in our discord instead πŸ€• – No excessive use of emojis or CAPS 🧒 – Do not promote your Media (Streams, Videos, Music), to be allowed you must be a member of the NPC staff πŸŽ₯ – Only promote services (Graphic Design, Video Editing, ETC) in our discord channel #commission-hub πŸ‘» – NO AFFILIATE LINKS OR DISCORDS πŸ›Έ – Respect each other and have fun πŸ₯³ Finally, if you are told you can break a rule by NPC management/moderators, make sure to screenshot it for proof in case others aren’t informed. πŸ“œ Any reports of rules being broken must have proof… πŸ‘Œ – April 13, 2020 at 08:44PM