Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a great day, Merry Christmas to all!

If you are with your families, enjoy it and cherish it.  If you are without your family or don’t have a family, or simply not social, well I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! On behalf of all the people whom you do not have or want to have.

And now, for a Christmas Poem by me, SimmyDizzle!

The morning of Christmas has come too soon;
For if it were later it would be a Christmas Boon.

I wish it would be later.
I wish it would not come.
I wish it could be post-poned.

There just isn’t enough time to be ready for sun.

The light breaks through,
The snow blows around,
Its dusting up all over the ground.

The treads of the sleigh wisping away;
the only proof of Santa gone away.

The Children Creep
The Children Stir
The Children Awake

And the rest of the day is a blur.