Completely random meme dump.

I love a good meme, even a bad meme, so with that said, lets get right into the guts of this meme dump. Yeah that is right, I said into the guts. Fight me!

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Kobe Memes pt.4

So there I was, minding my own business when out of nowhere. KOBE!!

Aaaaand I am done, this is the last Kobe meme for me, unless a part 5 is needed. I cannot stop the flow of memes. But I’m not looking for them.

Tis the Christmas season!

It is officially that time of year, it is December the 1st. This season is a wonderful time of year. I know people in todays culture want it called holiday season, or non-denominational fun season, or festivus, whatever. To me, it is Christmas.

If I say Merry Christmas to you, if you do not have the same beliefs as me, instead of taking offense, you could simply say thank you. Because I have wished you good tidings is nothing more than that. Now I know people probably think that it is offensive to tell people to just be happy that you said something to them, but honestly, people are entirely too sensitive these days. Over this Christmas season, I will be out telling people Merry Christmas and I hope to hear it in return.


I love Christmas, it was my moms favourite time of year, she always had our house decorated and smelling of, well, Christmas. It was amazing growing up to it. My mom was a beautiful lady who absolutely treasured this season, and as such, I was raised with those same beliefs and ya know what, it is my treasured time of year too. For my mom, who rests in heaven now, for my brother who was born on Christmas and is still very much kicking. For my family who love to celebrate and spread cheer. And for all those whom need to feel the love this time of year, this season. May this Christmas Season be wonderful to you all. From my family to yours.

As I prepare for Christmas this year, I to decorate my tree as I have many times before, with renewed joy and love. I hope that the god(s) above understand my plights and offer me a reprieve for the holidays so I may enjoy this blessed time.


For my children, my two lovely boys, I hope you two have a most auspicious season, and that your good behaviour this year is reflected in some sweet gifts from Santa, family, and friends.

Much love from SimmyDizzle to everyone this December, I hope your Christmas shopping goes well. I hope you have fun during this season, and may the spirit of Christmas visit you all and bring you joy and bliss.


For those looking for good gift idea’s, might I recommend heading over to and taking a look, there is plenty there that is meaningful and from the heart. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive, or cheap, or hand crafted, if it comes from the heart your loved ones will truly enjoy it and appreciate it.

#MerryChristmas and #HappyHolidays

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a great day, Merry Christmas to all!

If you are with your families, enjoy it and cherish it.  If you are without your family or don’t have a family, or simply not social, well I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! On behalf of all the people whom you do not have or want to have.

And now, for a Christmas Poem by me, SimmyDizzle!

The morning of Christmas has come too soon;
For if it were later it would be a Christmas Boon.

I wish it would be later.
I wish it would not come.
I wish it could be post-poned.

There just isn’t enough time to be ready for sun.

The light breaks through,
The snow blows around,
Its dusting up all over the ground.

The treads of the sleigh wisping away;
the only proof of Santa gone away.

The Children Creep
The Children Stir
The Children Awake

And the rest of the day is a blur.