As a shift worker I have to find ways to such schedule out my days/eves/mids.  Luckily my work supplies me with time for my workouts (as we have an hour and a half gym time on shift).  Its a good gig like that.  So I drafted up a slight diet change for me, and some workout plans.

Note below that I mention Xbox Fitness.  Thats because I love and use Xbox Fitness.  Its been essential to my weight loss to date!

My dietary changes may not be the healthiest either, but should they be unhealthy, that seems like someone elses problem.  But really they are my problem but I am working on it and changing and adjusting daily.  These are just base guidelines to my health and fitness routine.  And so far they are working out for me.

            Weight: 200lbs

            Waist:   32-34” (high school size)

Dietary Changes:
1. High protein (1-2g per pound of bodyweight)
2. Low to moderate carbs (low carbs on non-training days, moderate carbs on training days)
3. High EFA’s (essential fatty acids)
4. As little sugar as possible.        
5. No carbs after 6 PM! (No Exceptions)
6. No Food past 9 PM! (Exception Mid Shifts)
7. No Food before 7AM! (Exception Mid Shifts)
8. No Juice / Pop / Sparkling Water / Tea
9. Water Only!!!! (Cannot stress this enough)
10. Sunday is CHEAT day, you can have Your Sparkling Water and a Treat (but not pop)
11. Calories per day 1800 (Cheat day: 2000)
12. Track exercises in Runtastic (as per normal)
Portion out Daily Food:
1.     Buy containers for food
2.     Package ‘daily’ packs of food for when @ work (makes life easier) (meeting daily requirements)
3.     Links at bottom of email have good ideas of what to package
4.     Ensure daily packages do not exceed daily calorie allowances
5.     Eat one pack per day
1.     Take photo of self at current weight from multiple angles
2.     Take measurements (with the tape and fat caliper)
3.     Journal current weight and measurements
4.     Take weekly measurements
5.     Weigh in every Sunday
6.     Track Weight in Runtastic, and all other measurements in MFP


Daily (When at work):

Xbox Fitness (before or/and after work)

  • Tai Chi: Warmup
  • Tai Chi: Session (1/2/3/4/5)(a/b) based on rotation (approx. duration 35 minutes) (Minimum 30 minutes)

Elliptical (Except on LEG Day, no Elliptical on Leg Day):

  • Incline: 100 Incline
  • Resistance: 4 (or 5)
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Strength Exercise:

    • Sets: Minimum of 5 
    • Reps: 10 per set
    • Duration: 45

Weight: Medium weight (except leg and back day, go high)

Minimum time during work days: 1hr 45 Minutes

Daily (When on Days off of work): (These are rest days, but still ‘active’ to help burn)

Treadmill or Walk outside:

  • Incline: 2
  • Duration 30 Minutes
  • Speed: 4.5km per hour

This is to be done at least twice a day while on days off for maximum results!

Xbox Fitness: (At least 30 minutes a day)

  • Tai Chi: Warmup
  • Pilates: Core Workout
  • 10 Minute Solution: Kick Boxing

Minimum Time on Days off of work: 1hr 30 minutes of exercise per day (that’s easy to achieve)