TikTok Fail?

Recently I have taken to publishing videos on TikTok, I know, what am I, 12? But no seriously, I have. I’ve put some old videos from Byte onto TikTok, as well as some gaming videos of mine. And this has been a fun experiencing, I’ve watched my videos, and quite thoroughly enjoyed them being there. Small yet fun videos. And honestly, I’ve lost way too many hours in TikTok watching Warzone Clips. So why the fail?

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The Infected City: Chapter 3

    “Glimpse of time without the morning grind

    forever flustered as we fight the sands of time

    never lost, always found

    as the winds gust dust from the ground.

    Silence is simply unheard in a city so large

    except on this morning sound is completely


    The poem in Jack’s head, never before had he heard so he thought it was great.  “Its wonderful what a night of sleep brings. But why is it so quiet, where are the cars, the gunshots, ambulances.  What happened on this night that is now giving me this terrible fright.”, He thought to himself. As he stood from the slumber and peered over the edge of the building, empty streets as far as the eyes could see.  No sound, no wind, no vehicles moved, no people in the open. “I must still be sleeping, but it seems so real”, he pondered. After all, this was the first time he had slept the whole night through in many of years.  In fact, the first time he slept longer than 10 minutes in well, he couldn’t remember how long it had been.

    “Guess I’m meant to enjoy this dream a little longer, I guess I have no complaints about that.”, he muttered aloud.  Laughing to himself he felt the sudden urge to feed, it had been a long time since he had his world famous chunky milk and old cereal.  “Nobody will mind if I help myself to the store goods, after all, this is just a dream.” Jack climbed down the ladder back into the store and started to pillage the shelves, shovelling food into his mouth that he hasn’t had in ages, he simply couldn’t afford to snack like this.  Eating chocolate bars, chips, marshmallow filled snack cakes.

    The satisfying sense of being full overwhelmed him, it was a feeling he had never dreamed of before, and something that he knew wasn’t something he could dream of.  He was full, and he was very much awake. “Guess I’m never coming back here”, he chortled to himself as the realization that he just ate a month’s worth of pay that he cannot afford.  “I guess I should try the phone again.”, as he picked up the phone a large crash against the security window plating bellowed out. Startled Jack screamed, “Who’s there!?” but nobody responded.

    Jack slowly creeped up to the window and looked out.  Before him was a man, tall, roughly 6 feet tall, a whole inch taller than Jack.  Wearing jeans and a torn white shirt. His flesh tone tainted black, and crusty dried on blood from an apparent neck wound streamed down his body.

    “I don’t know what you are doing, but stop, this isn’t halloween!”


    “I’m serious, go away, we are closed!  No power means no entrance!”

    The man’s hands scratching against the glass, and steel security shield.  His fingers pouring black sludge from where the security shield sliced into his flesh.  “Seriously man! Go away! What are you on, drugs?”, screamed Jack. “I cannot go out there, this guy is crazy, he’s getting all cut up, god only knows what he will do to me.”, he thought to himself.

    “RRRRRAAWWLLL”, bellowed the man outside Jareds Gas and Go.  “RRRAWWL”. As he continued to drag his flesh along the steel security sheet, his flesh tearing off with each passing stroke, bearing bone and black sludge like blood.  Jack knew something was off, “Shouldn’t his blood be red?”, he said out loud, as if it would make this situation seem less insane, less surreal, less horrifying. Standing in an almost daze like state, Jack stared at the man intensely, trying to figure out just what was going on.  It was almost as if it was a scene from one of the horror novels Jack enjoyed reading.

    “Okay, I cannot stay here forever, sure there’s food and drink but eventually they will come back here, and I’ll have to pay for it all.  God.. I have to get out of here, and past that drugged up man. Is he on PCP? I’ve heard Meth addicts do this type of stuff. But his blood, his blood is black, its like sludge.”, Jack said aloud, as if trying to convince himself of what he had to do.  “I’m going to get the baseball bat from the manager’s office, I can at least defend myself if that crackhead comes at me.” he thought as he raced to the manager’s office.

    As he opened the office door all Jack could hear was the shattering of glass from the front room.  “Oh my god”, he thought as he grabbed the baseball bat. Gripping the base of the baseball bat tight, and curling it up and readying it to swing, he slowly crept back around the corner.  The security shield completely torn to shreds. Strips of flesh dangling from the one secure metal shield that protected this small shop. “Come out you bastard.”, Jack called into the room.

    “RRRRAWWWLL”, bellowed the man as he rose to his feet, ankle broken, bone protruding from the skin, cracking and splitting with every step towards Jack. “What the hell are you on man?  Don’t make me do this!”, Jack warned the man as he neared. Another laboured step, followed by another as Jack slowly backed away, the man couldn’t catch him with his leg like that, but Jack knew it best to stay face to face with this man. “Anyone who can walk on a break that bad is either on some serious drugs, or is dead and just doesn’t know it yet.  So tell me man, what are you on?”, Jack warned one final time.

    With a quick swipe, Jack barely moved out of the way in time, his face close to scratched by the gnarly bone hand of this man.  Jack had to make a choice, and unfortunately, this man was making it for him. Jack cocked his arms back, holding the baseball bat tight, and with his eyes clenched shut, swung.  THWACK, the disgusting sound rang out throughout the room as the baseball back crashed into the man head. Splitting it in half. Black oozing puss poured out of the man’s head all over the floor.  And his lifeless body hit the ground, bones snapping and bursting through the skin as he hit the ground.

    “That’s not normal.”

    “That’s not Normal.”


    Jack couldn’t control the feelings that rushed through him, what he saw wasn’t normal.  What was this horrific thing in front of him. Surely it was a man once, but now what was it.  The insides of people isn’t black putrid scrambled goop like what this man was. “I have to get out of here.”  Jack quickly grabbed a bag from behind the counter, stashed up every ounce of food and drink he could from the shelves and ran out through the hole in the security sheet.

    As Jack entered the sunlight after his ordeal, he kept a vigilant eye out for anything odd as he quickly and quietly made his way towards his apartment.   As he crept along, it became apparent to him that something awful occurred overnight. Windows of buildings were smashed in, copious amounts of blood smeared the streets.  Entrails were all over the place. Gun shells coated the ground in some areas, while others, bodies still covered the ground, some convulsing from the wounds, others foaming at the mouth.  The depths of outright wrongness of what could be seen made stop briefly and threw up. Seeing the insides of people on their outside had that effect on him.

The Infected City: Chapter 2

    24 hours before the brown out.  “GUS! GET IN HERE QUICK!”, a diresome shriek echoed throughout the house. Gus still freshly back from his bus route and tired from his shift slowly got out of his recliner.  “I mean, what could Darla be yelling about?” His wife was always the panicked type. And well, Gus was kind of a slob. Overweight, wearing his mustard stained work shirt still.  As he rose he looked around the room, the pictures of his family hanging on the wall. His boy Ellys’s trophies sitting on the fireplace mantle. Glinting a new. Ellys cleaned his trophies every day with pride.

    Gus walked up the stairs, his wife yelling more and more panicked with each passing step, and every breath.  As he reached the top of the stairs he looked for her, panning his head from the left to the right, his bedroom, the entrance to the bathroom, Ellys’s room, and Ellys, convulsing on the ground, white foam pouring from his mouth.  Gus was no longer unmotivated as he rushed to the aid of his wife Darla and their son Ellys. His body was cold, to the touch, Gus couldn’t feel any heat on his body at all. And a distant look in his son’s eyes were one he had never seen before.  Quickly he reached for his cell phone and called 911.

    “This is 911 dispatch what is your emergency”

        “It’s my son!  He’s pale, foaming at the mouth, and freezing cold to the touch”

    “Sir, please don’t panic, give us your address and we will dispatch immediately.”

        “Yeah, its 33 Haven Street, just east of Perth Avenue, please help!”

    “Sir, the ambulance has been dispatched, can you please tell me any other symptoms?”

        “Yeah, his eyes are glazed over and he isn’t responding”

        “Oh my god, he’s bleeding from his ears now, please god help.  HELP!!”

    “Sir the ambulance is on route, try and stay calm.”

    The ambulance arrived 7 heart stopping minutes later, Gus shaking himself with fear, his son, his one and only son, the reason he got up every day.  Unlike his wife, his cheating wife. He lacked care for her anymore, the only feelings he felt were shame, shame that he was with her. Shame that he couldn’t bring himself to divorce her.  Shame that she chose to humiliate him, and all he could do, was suffer her mistake. His son was the only reason he let himself live. And now fear of losing his son, gripped his every fiber of his being.  “What happened. What happened”, Gus muttered. “What Happened to my son! What did you do to him you bitch!”, he yelled at Darla.

    “I didn’t do anything you bastard!”

        “Oh yeah!  Then why is our son in the ambulance?”

    “I don’t know what happened to him, one minute he was fine, the next, shaking!”

        “I don’t believe you, if you did something, I will….  I will….”

    Tears pouring from his eyes he climbed into the back of the ambulance and closed to doors before Darla could climb in.  “Stupid bitch.”, he spoke softly as he brushed his sons soft hair with his hand. “It’ll be Okay Ellys. It’ll be okay.”.  The ambulance drove quickly and on its way to the General Hospital, passing Jareds Gas and Go, Gus couldn’t help think about his bus route, and how he couldn’t afford to miss a day, and how he couldn’t let down his passengers.  The people who he grew to know as his ‘morning’ family. Jack and the rest who seemed to genuinely care for him. It was a glib way to look at his life, but outside of his son, his job was all he had in the world.

    “Is he going to be okay?  Is my boy going to live?”, he asked the EMT.

        “I don’t know sir, but we will do our best!”, he replied, monitoring Elly’s Vitals.

    “Thank you, I.. I just don’t know what I would do without him.”, Gus responded slowly.

    The rest of the ride to the hospital was uneventful, Ellys’s vitals were low, but okay.  He stopped foaming at the mouth but the look in his eyes, they remained distant and wrong.  The blood from his ears long since crusted and turned a putrid black colour. This was not right, there was something definitely not right.  The EMT’s transferred Ellys from the gurney to the hospital bed and rushed him through the ER where doctors were already waiting to inspect the boy, it had been a quiet night.  Very few had visited the ER that night.

    “Hi my name is Dr. O’Reilly, I’m going to look over your boy.”

        “I’m Gus.. His dad, is he going to be okay?”

    “I don’t know yet, but we will find out.”

    Silence ensued while Dr O’Reilly looked in his eyes with a flashlight.

    “We have to move this boy now”, he said abruptly.

        “Whats going on?”

    “Something is drastically wrong, the blood in his eyes are coagulated.”

        “What does that mean?”

    “I don’t know, I have never seen anything like this, we need to investig…”

    He stopped as Ellys clamped his teeth down on his arms, blood pouring out of the doctor’s arm and all over Ellys’s face as Ellys ripped and tore at his fleshy arm.  A sadistic look befell the face of Ellys and a horrific screech screeched out as the doctor screamed in agony.

    “My Arm… My Arm!  He bit me! NURSE!”

        “Oh my god!  Ellys what did you do?”


    “Ellys, whats wrong?  Tell daddy!”




As nurses rushed into the room they attempted to restrain Ellys to the bed.  His flesh tone pale with dark patches, his veins distended from the skin and black, and the screams, the horrific screams Ellys bellowed, none alive had ever made before.  Once he was secured to the bed, the nurses quickly tended to the doctor’s arm, which was gaping wide open, flesh ripped away muscle torn, and pouring blood over the floor. The doctor, face sunken from lost of blood, collapsed.

The nurses rushed to put the doctor in his own bed, and without hesitation another doctor was there patching up the wound.  But the damage was already too far gone. Within moments, the doctor’s eyes fell dark from blood loss. Soon after his body turned cold, and then started to convulse as putrid black bile poured from his mouth.  Then still, no more movement, no more sound.

“Oh my god.. Oh my god, Ellys, what did you do?  You killed him.”, cried Gus.

    “Sir, you should leave, we need to get your son secured.”

“What do you mean secured?”, Gus responded angrily.


    “He is a danger to himself, and others, did you see what he just did?”

“Yeah I saw it, I. I am terrified.”

    “Just go, leave and let us do our work.”

    Gus looked over his son one last time, afraid to get near him as his Mouth was still full of the flesh of Dr O’Reilly, and the look, the horrific look, no words could describe it, nor the fear Gus felt for his one and only son.  Getting as close as fear would allow him, he whispered, “Son, if you can hear me, it’s daddy, I love you, please, come back to us. Don’t let whatever this is win. Don’t let it take you. I will be back after work. I’m sorry I have to go, We cannot afford the medical bills from this, I don’t know what I am going to do.  But we will make it through. We will make it… Daddy promises.” With one final look at his son, Gus winced and walked away, the hurt in his heart over having to leave his son there, nearly unbearable.

    Gus slowly walked outside, and waited at the bus stop for the bus to arrive, he knew he was only going to have a short while before work.  With a quick look at the sky, he knew he was going to head straight to work, as the morning light began shining through the tall buildings. “How will I make it through this day.  How will I forget what I saw. How… How can I make it through this day knowing what I know..” he thought to himself. “Killed. He killed him. One bite. He tore so much flesh. My god the blood, the flesh torn.  That scream.”

The Infected City: Chapter 1

“Wind, there was always that wind, gusting through the tall buildings and howling.”, thought Jack as he gazed at the night sky that was illuminated by the city lights.  “No stars again.”, he thought as he tossed over in his bed. It was always something for Jack, he could never sleep. Born with sleep apnea, struggling with insomnia, he could never sleep.  The night skies were all that he knew. He was troubled and disoriented throughout the day, coping with his go nowhere job at Jareds Gas and Go seemed to be his life. But he never truly felt alive, a shell of a man.

“Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz”, the alarm went off at 6 am, just as he set it.  Jack stirred from his bed, already dressed in his work clothes, his name pin uneven above his right pocket.  With a quick tap of his hand, the alarm turned off and Jack rose from his bed, stretching. Still with bags under his eyes, the dark circles that only someone who cannot sleep truly knows.  Was this just another day, was he actually asleep and dreaming this, always were those questions in his mind as he lamented the life he was given. The howls of the wind through the buildings brought a familiar satisfaction, this was the only sound he truly knew, and it was that sound that he knew he was awake.  He never dreamed of it, when he managed to sleep, that was something he simply didn’t worry about.

Dragging his feet , head hung, yawning and stretching on his way to his table for the cereal he didn’t finish the day before.  Spoon full of curdled milk and generic wheat bran cereal, he choked it back. Swallowed it down, that was the life he knew, bad food and no sleep.  An existence not befitting his intellect, but in this city that was the norm. Quickly finishing his rotten food and leaving none for tomorrow he left from his seat, and headed out the front door.  He grimaced as he reached his elevator, “Out of service again, oh come on.”, he proudly and loudly proclaimed. “Why can’t the apartment manager get this fixed already!”, he thought as he pushed open the door to the stairs of the 13th floor staircase.  Clambering down the stairs murmuring to himself about the wrongs he suffers every day living there, his go nowhere job, and his disdain for the life he leads today would if he had his way, be his last.

As he approached the first floor staircase he noticed a sign, “Door jammed, use garage exit instead”, it just ruined his already bad day.  Down another floor he had to proceed to exit, each step taken more full of dread then the last. As he entered into the parking garage he quickly surveyed his surroundings, he had been mugged in there before by the riff raff and local gangs that kept getting in.  T’s crew was always the gang and they loved Jack; some would say a little too much. All Jack could see was a few cars, flickering lights, and the exit to the street. Uneventfully Jack made it to the streets, just in time to catch his bus to work.

Jack’s normal morning banter with the bus driver was unusually quiet, giving off a haunting feeling, Jack knew he wasn’t the only one having a drab day.  “What is wrong Gus?”, said Jack to Gus the bus driver. “My Kid’s sick, had to take him to the hospital last night, Doctors don’t know what’s wrong, I wish I could be there with him but I cannot miss a day of work.  Simply cannot afford it.” Jack knew all too well the expenses of hospital visits having spent a majority of his life being poked and prodded before they discovered why he couldn’t sleep.

The bus rounded its first bend from the pickup, “Man that sucks Gus, I hope your kid gets better.”, chimed Jack, though he didn’t mean it, he hated life so much.  It was hard for him to relate to anyone who wanted to live, he just couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to exist and struggle the way that people did. “I really do hope he’s better, when your shift is done, I’ll bet you go home and find your boy happy and home safe and sound.”, Jack said as he rose from his seat.  

“Well, this is my stop, good luck Gus.”

“Yeah, have fun at work Jack.”

“You know I hate my job Gus.”

    Jack disembarked from the bus, straightened his name plate, and walked into work.  “Your late”, shrieked Tiffony, “I’ve been here all night, the least you could do is show up on time.”  “Sorry”, replied Jack. “The bus was late.” The bus wasn’t late though, Jack just didn’t care when he started work.  As she packed up her things from under the counter an ambulance rang past the Gas Station. “That’s been happening all morning, somethings going on, maybe they are training but they keep coming, every 30 minutes or so.”, she said to Jack as if it were nothing important. 

“Get used to it.”

“I will Tiffony, I will, you go home and have a great night sleep.”

“Don’t be sarcastic with me you prick, I know you.”

“Yeah yeah, get out of here before I stop being nice.”

“Eat me you troll”

    Tiffany smirked and blew him a kiss as she left, there was some serious sexual tension between them, so much so anyone in the room as them could taste it.  Jack had always wanted to have a piece of her, like any man would want a piece of the sweet nectar that is the juices he knew she had within her. And she knew he wanted it, she flaunted it too.  But only when Jack was around. The blown kiss though made Jack smile, guess the day wasn’t going to be nearly as bad as he thought.

    Drifting into the books on the small book rack by the register, Jack spent a majority of his day listening to the ambulances drive by, people paying for their gas, and reading his favourite books nobody would buy. Tacky old 1970’s horror novels, he chortled as he read them.  At times he was pleased, but mostly it just made him hate his go nowhere job even more. The night sky began to rear its head. Where was Jack’s relief, he began to wonder. He called Tiffony with no answer. He called again; still no answer. What was going on?

    The night sky now perched above his head as he gazed outside, no cars had been by in hours.  The bus hadn’t passed by, and there had been no customers. Why the sudden change, why was everything so different so abruptly.  He gave Tiffony another call.

    ‘Ring Ring.’

                            ‘Ring Ring.’

            ‘Ring Ring.’

            “Hello”, a female voice answered.

    “Yes is this Tiffany”, replied Jack.

            “No, Tiffany never made it home”, the voice responded.

    “I’m Jack, she was supposed to replace me hours ago.”

            “We haven’t seen her, we are concerned, you work at Jareds”

    “Yeah I work there”, Jack interrupted.  “If you haven’t seen her, I wonder..”

    Silence gripped the conversation as dead air filled the phone line.

    “Hello?”, Jack spoke into the phone.

    “Hello?  Are you still there?”, Jack wasn’t finding this amusing.

    Hanging up his phone Jack turned around and turned on the Radio Station.  Nothing but static, he changed from station to station, nothing. Nothing but static.  Jack started to panic, pacing back and forth, and looking outside, just in time to see the street lights falling dead in the night.  For the first time in a long time, Jack could see the stars above. “A brown out, that’s just what I need”, Jack said aloud as if someone could hear him.  “Time to do brown out procedures.”. Jack wandered around the store locking up all the doors and windows, closing the security shutters and powering down the gas pumps to prevent fire when the power comes back on.  

“Boy is this great, now I have to wait till morning” …

“Nobody coming to relieve me till morning, and no way I can read.”

Jack thought to himself for awhile as the night passed, then the thought hit him, why not go on the roof.  He loved the stars it would be a perfect way to spend the night. He went in the back room and climbed up the ladder to the exit to the roof.  Pushing the door open, all he could hear was the howling of the wind through the tall buildings, and all he could see, was the wonderful stars above, beautiful, glowing stars above.  Jack laid on the rooftop, just gazing into the heavens, and for the first time. He drifted off to sleep.