South Park Pandemic Special

If you didn’t already know, South Park is coming back this season (24 already, wow!) with a “Pandemic Special” which is set to be an hour-long event that will probably lampoon the current COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it.

I also wouldn’t be too surprised if there was some stuff in there about the upcoming election. Oh, apparently the USA is having some big election, did you know?

If you are a fellow Canuck, you will be able to see the special broadcast on MuchMusic – because nobody watches music videos on television anymore. The special “airs” (streams?) on 30 September 2020 at 10:00 PM EST – so make sure you are reading this blog post before that (huh?).

If you want to really get into the South Park mood, you can also make a custom avatar – you know, so you can save it on your phone and then forget about it and never use it for anything.

Author: lardqueen

...the room is dark, lit only by a lone torch burning in a wall sconce. The smokiness from the torch mixes with a pungent odour of mildew and rot. You can hear the movement of rodents and insects around you, but none of that is nearly as disturbing as the occasional shake of the ground and rumbles that you hear from far below...

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