15 Wacky Comic Book Ads from the 1950’s!

If you’re anything like me (ouch, sorry to hear that), you read a lot of comic books from the 1950’s and are constantly depressed that most of the (patently awesome) things advertised in them are no longer available.

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14 Times You Were Insulted in Final Fantasy VI*

*in the World of Balance

I am going to assume, if you are reading this list, that you are at least somewhat familiar with the game Final Fantasy VI (or III as it was originally released in North America).

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Baconator Pringles: Review & Thoughts

Look at these!

Maybe you don’t know very much about me, in fact, in all likelihood, you barely know anything about me, a largely anonymous blogger. Well, here is some exposition: I love tie-ins. Almost any kind of tie-in or crossover really gets my motor running. I am not simply referring to food-based tie-ins (although those are the best), really, any time two established franchises/organizations/brands decide to come together and make some kind of amalgamation, it is something that I find, at least, interesting. Whatever. It was enough to get my attention and I purchased a tube at my local grocer.

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22 Times Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Attempted to be Human

All of these were found on 4chan although I imagine that they can be found on twitter, knowyourmeme, and/or that other site as well. Anyway, don’t laugh at these or you will find that a billionaire has licensed your internal organs and sold them to a phở joint in Hanoi.

Map 01


An isometric dungeon map, hand drawn, graph-paper lines removed with GIMPthis guide was roughly followed.

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