Earthbound Playthrough: II

The second “sector” of Earthbound is fairly similar to the first, with the exception that the main character must defeat a cult of religious fanatics. The cult is not especially well-defined and none of the tenets of the religion are really mentioned, aside from being happy. The leader of the cult is a man with an evil statue that can throw bolts of lightning from his fingertips; which, to be honest, is more power than most cult leaders can come up with.

For some reason I remember the second area being more interesting, but it didn’t really turn out to be so, perhaps that it is nostalgia effect. Regardless, I am progressing through the game and managed to have some interesting interactions.

Just what kind of mushroom sells for $50?
Is violence the answer?
Pretty plot-shattering, my dude.
Sometimes life gives you lemons; filthy, rotten, lemons that you have to take out from a feces-encrusted garbage can. Enjoy your lemonade.
Adults are assholes.
Pretty metal.
That’s bait in front of the hotel. Dare you enter?

I have made it to the third “sector” or town, and it is in the midst of a zombie invasion. The game really does a good job, for a 90’s era game focused on children, of making the setting seem spooky and suitably gloomy.

Stand by for the further adventures of Satan as he fends off a zombie apocalypse.

Author: lardqueen

...the room is dark, lit only by a lone torch burning in a wall sconce. The smokiness from the torch mixes with a pungent odour of mildew and rot. You can hear the movement of rodents and insects around you, but none of that is nearly as disturbing as the occasional shake of the ground and rumbles that you hear from far below...