Poetry and Short Stories

I have begun taking my private words, my short stories, my poems and publishing them here. I don’t usually post these things publically. But I feel that whether they are good or not should not matter anymore. I want my expressions, my thoughts to be seen, heard, read by people.

We have but one life to live, so to bottle up my creativity because I personally don’t think it is any good is cruelty to myself and does me a disservice. I am too judgemental on my own writing skills. So I decided I’d let everyone on the internet be the judge. While I hope for no cruelty or hate from the readers, but who knows. Maybe the internet will be kind to me.

More and more will come. I’ve written so much just for myself, I am setting it free to my blog now.


Author: simmydizzle

I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, videogame enthusiast, streamer, story teller, poet, and software developer.