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Tag: poetry


Little Stars: Earth’s starting tale

High in the sky above all the world are little stars.                     Little stars far far away, a little far to travel in just one day.         You cannot imagine all those little lights that you see.             For those exist beyond the time of you and me! Those stars so bright, and […]


Little Stars: Swirling Vortex

High above the world in the dark.         Spinning like a whirlpool in space there are. Vortexes so strong light cannot escape.                 Intense and scary you should be wary.     Black-holes are dark.             Black-holes are strong.                     Black-holes are invisible.     And before you know it, all could […]

Short Stories

The Infected City: Chapter 3

    “Glimpse of time without the morning grind     forever flustered as we fight the sands of time     never lost, always found     as the winds gust dust from the ground.     Silence is simply unheard in a city so large     except on this morning sound is completely     unfound.”     The poem in Jack’s head, never before […]


Little Stars: Amazing Ball of Light

What an amazing ball of light.             Up in the sky so bright.     Shimmering and shining throughout the day.                 And at night its friends come out to play. They sparkle and shine all the time.         Whether you see them or not is all about the time.     Certain stars glow year […]


Poetry and Short Stories

I have begun taking my private words, my short stories, my poems and publishing them here. I don’t usually post these things publically. But I feel that whether they are good or not should not matter anymore. I want my expressions, my thoughts to be seen, heard, read by people. We have but one life to live, so to bottle […]