fried green tomatoes

Not just a movie, but an actual food!

Fried green tomatoes are a staple in my household, I enjoy them, and I eat them fresh from my garden multiple times a year. This is a very happy thing for me.

Just a tomato

We start out by putting our sliced green tomato into a frying pan with some light olive oil, don’t use that vegetable stuff, use olive oil, trust me.

The tomatoes start to take a delicious form.

When they start to darken, get a little crispy, that is when you have to flip them. You don’t want them to get too crispy, but you don’t want them undercooked.

Fried green tomatoes are best served with some eggs.

Salt the fried green tomatoes to taste and enjoy. Trust me, this recipe takes roughly 5 minutes to do right, and is delicious, a great way to start your day.

All you need is a green tomato, some olive oil, and salt. Enjoy!

Author: simmydizzle

I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, videogame enthusiast, streamer, story teller, poet, and software developer.