Welcoming New Years Resolutioners:

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    With New Year’s right around the corner I decided to take the time to establish some ground rules for welcoming the new people and their resolutions to the gym!
    These are some ground rules that everyone can live by.  Remember these people decided to make a change in their life so lets help them stick to it by not scaring them away or making them feel uncomfortable.

    Keep your eyes on yourself:

    Nobody likes being watched while working out, especially people who have decided to lose weight. Don’t stare or gawk.  This goes for for people too just because they are fit or good looking doesn’t mean you get to stare.  This scares people away.

    Mind your own business:

    I don’t care if you see someone doing something in a way you wouldn’t. Leave them be, unless they ask for your help or opinion don’t intrude into their workout session.  It makes people comfortable when someone just chimes in about their routine. You do my know their limitations. Perhaps they have a medical reason for only quarter repping. Just stay out of their business.

    Be kind:

    If someone asks for a spot or advice feel free but don’t over due it with the advice. People new to the gym can often get overloaded by comments and knowledge. Direct answers with no fluff. If they want the help they will keep asking. Don’t blow smoke up their asses with your horror stories or what not. Just the facts and keep it quick to avoid overturning them.

    Stink Factor:

    I cannot stress this enough. Cleanup the equipment when you’re done and make sure you wear deodorant and clean gym gear.  Veterans of the gym often forget that they stink or wear the same gear as the previous day. That’s offensive and new people will often bail because they don’t like the smell.  This is only for those who don’t shower and clean themselves. I know most gym goers are super good about this.  Which brings me to the next point.

    Shower etiquette:

    I know not all gyms have separate shower stalls. So keep your eyes on your own ‘equipment‘.  This is just common sense and should be adhered to by everyone.  If you can’t help yourself and you gotta look at someones junk in the shower, perhaps you should buy a home gym and stop going to a public one because your rude and disrespectful.
    Now for all the new people to the gym.  Some basic rules I suggest following to make your experience that much better.


    Be mindful that there are people who have been gym goers for a long time there, they have routines and systems. Seek help if you need it. You need a spotter? Ask! You want to know if your form is right so you don’t hurt yourself? Ask! People are willing to help!  However if someone is wearing headphones, don’t interrupt them unless its they are the only ones available to help.  And don’t interrupt them during a set. Safety first people.

    Multiple equipment:

    You may see people do this. But don’t be that guy or girl. Use only once piece of equipment at a time. Don’t go super setting 2 pieces of equipment in a crowded gym, don’t be that person. If the gym is empty have at it. But if there’s lots of people just don’t do it. Stick to your routine of 1 piece of equipment at a time. Trust me if you decide to take up lots of equipment in a crowded gym it won’t go well, don’t be rude.

    Be friendly!

    Not much more I can say about that.

    Be hygienic:

    Same as the regulars! Keep clean, don’t show up stinking, nobody likes that.

    Have fun!

    Whats the point of going to the gym if you are not having fun?  Find a way to make the gym fun.  If you can’t think of a way or find a way then keep an eye on my blog here, I will be posting lots of fun gym exercises and ways to have fun in the future!
    Remember everyone, the gym isn’t just for fit people. Its for people trying to make a change, whether it is to bulk muscle, slim down, build cardio, explosive strength, strength, etc. Be mindful and enjoy the ride that is the gym!