The one day Vacation

Recently I took a short vacation, in scheduled and it took place instead of a stream. It was an outing that I did not know that I needed. And I am grateful.

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Happy New Year!! Except you He-Man!!

He man can fuck right off!!

Skeletore gets me.. he just gets me…

Review a Streamer: ViolentHippy

My quest to highlight streamers continues, today with ViolentHippy. In my opinion, one of the best streamers, not only on DLive, but across any platform. I have watched hundreds of streamers over the past few years, and rarely do I ever return to watch them again, they just don’t have that, special something. Well, ViolentHippy has that special something.

ViolentHippy doin’ his thang!

ViolentHippy is as he sounds, a true hippy with a tendancy to be violent (in video games). He is an interactive streamer, which if you ask me, is better than what you find out there across most streams. He often refers to his peoples in the chat, as ‘chat’ because, well, its easier that way I would assume. But he also doesn’t discount you, if he is interacting with you, he calls you out by name. A lot of streamers just do not do this. This personalizes the stream a lot, and while you are in chat, talking with the other chatters, and with hippy, he is quick to respond.


There is a lot to gain from watching a streamer like Hippy if you are trying to become a streamer yourself. He simply embodies everything a good streamer should be, a character, interactive, engaging, funny, sad, serious, and willing to learn and expand himself, his stream, all to the benefit of his viewers.


Now I have a personal policy to not post links in chat, so I always ask when enging with a streamer. With Hippy, he has given me a green light to post links, which is pretty awesome for someone who is not a mod on his channel. Of course I will still always ask, but the fact that he said it on stream is pretty amazing. Building a trust bond with your followers is essential to being a great streamer, and Hippy does just that. Which is a truly defining characteristic of his.

Some defining moments of his stream in the 2019 year is an affinity to White Claw (yes, drinking on stream), which is honestly how I found Hippy. In the wee hours of the morning I stumbled across his channel, he was drinkin’ beers and just having a great time. I instantly followed him because of his clear charisma, even loaded he was who he is. Plus his gameplay was pretty awesome, as per usual.

Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen him Potato, and potato hard. Because he has, but that makes it just as fun. I mean, you cannot be a Violent Hippy if you don’t occassionally potato. Am I right?


Of course his game of choice, at least for the timeframe that I have watched him has been PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds). And time and time again I have seen him get those coveted Chicken Dinners. And it is something special to witness. When someone asked him on stream about playing fortnite, he said, and I quote…

I don’t like shooting someone and them turning into a nine story building.


This is hilarious because it is true, and it says a lot about Hippy. But for me, it shows a serious sense of humour, as well as a serious affinity for a fair fight. IMHO.

One of the best things of Hippy is that he sticks to his schedule to the best he can, and when he can’t, we puts it out on twitter/facebook that he is delayed or won’t be streaming. Now a lot of streamers do this, but hippy just has a way about himself that makes this somewhat special, whether it be his wording, or what-not, he is showing his love for his fans all around.

So much so he rewards his loyal subscribers with sub-sunday, that is right, a day where he plays games with his subscribers. Not a bad deal if you ask me. He is entertaining to watch, and that is extremely pleasing to begin with, but when he brings subscribers into the game to play, that is even better. To be honest, not a lot of streamers are willing to risk brining in ‘unknown’ people into their stream, god forbid they get on voice chat and say something inappropriate, it could cost a streamer big-time. This is a risk Hippy happily takes though, and luckily all his subscribers are what appear to be good people, because nobody has done anything to get Hippy Banned.

This is great for me, as I enjoy his streams thoroughly.

So, would I recommend ViolentHippy to anyone? Well, if you didn’t read everything above, then I guess I’ll say it outright here, Yes, I would. And I do.

There is so much more I could write/say about ViolentHippy, but I feel you should just go check him out instead. Its worth it!

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Court and Me!

I write this today because I have been engrossed in a legal battle for months now over the custody and mobility of my son Kieran. This has been a very trying time on myself, my son, and my family.


This all started back in around March 2019, when I asked my ex for permission to move with my son (who was in my care) across the country as my career requires me to move. To which she agreed.

I believed that this was all good and I could move, but things were not all as they seemed on the surface. Less than a month from me being able to move with my son, I was summoned to court on an emergency basis and I was accussed of attempting to leave without permission, that I was ‘kidnapping’ my child, etc. Mind you, I hadn’t even left yet, nor did I have a time to leave.


Court proceeded and over a series of months, and grueling, emotional battles I was able to not only prove what I had claimed, but I learned a lot more along the way. My son, who has been displaced since August, living with his grandparents as the Judge did not see fit for my ex-wife to have my son on a full-time basis, gets to move to me in January 2020.

What I told the courts was true, polygraph me, its true, I make a career out of being honest, being truthful, being trustworthy, the accusations against me were simply lies and it hurt me, it hurt me deep. But my faith in the court system has been renewed as it worked out. I have so much evidence to defent myself and my story that you simply would not believe. Perhaps one-day I will write a book about this, because this has simply been hell.. But I digress….

Kieran helping me shovel the snow!

This however is a bittersweet victory, as I did not want to bring up my ex’s history, delve into her mental health issues, or her history with child protective services, which I had a small understanding of. And now I have a lot bigger picture. I did not want to hurt my ex by bringing all this up in court. Even after everything I still have compassion for this woman, and even with the win, I will still work with her to raise our child.

He deserves the best of both parents, and I am the best fit for him. His mother has a lot of problems and I wish her well. I want her to focus on herself and get well, I want her to improve her life, get a career, change the way she lives. Be self supportive, she is capable, so I want her to actually show that drive and be the best she can be.

I harbour no ill-will to my ex, and as such I hope she will be a proactive and positive role in Kierans life going forward.

Kieran and I

But back to the point, Kieran gets to join me in early 2020, I have to register him in school, take care of all the normal parent things, get his room all sorted out. God, there is so much to do, so little time, but I am ready to hold his hands, face, dance with him, sing with him, play, my body is ready for this. It will be an exciting time in my house in January 2020. He will finish up one final week of school in January, allowing him time to say good-bye to his friends, teachers, etc, before he boards a plane with my Dad (his grandpa, obviously) and fly across the country.


So what will we do when he gets here, well, obviously he will get to spend time with his Brother Aiden, a boy he has only ever met once, literally a year ago. See my boys have lived across the country from each other their entire lives, my eldest being 12, and my youngest being 6. This allows me to bring my boys together, and completing my family.

Kieran and Aiden, my boys, meeting for the first time!

Grandpa, Bailey #2, Kieran, Santa, Bailey #1, Grandma!
Jr. Kindergarten Kieran
Kieran and I
Kieran the Nose Miner!


Snr Kindergarten going away picture!

There will be a lot of exciting times to come, much like the pictures below depict. We always had fun, always played, always. But for proof of fun, here we go on fun to come based on fun we had!

Kieran ‘Driving’..
Riding his bike! Something he will do again soon! (No snow where I live!)
T-Ball will be back on the menu!
Goofy Faces will be had!
Baseball games will be had!


Random Beard Poking!
Video games will be had!
Chilling with our besties will occur!
Getting ready for Day-Care!

Its funny there are so many more good times I could post here, pictures upon pictures, upon pictures. We have had amazing times, Kieran and I, and we will continue to do so, a few provinces from where we had them last time. But our happiness will continue, a bright future will be had for my son. And for the years to come we will be happy!

I would like to thank everyone who knew about this and who has supported me, I would like to thank my Dad and step-mom for taking my son in when I had to move and leave my son behind due to the courts. I would like to thank my Girlfriend for her unwavering support of me during this time and putting up with all my hardships.


I would like to thank so many more, my work, my friends, the courts, and lawyers for seeing things my way, and having my back and ensuring my son would have the opportunity to have this bright future.

I love you all! Thank you so much!

It is not 2020 yet, but I am ready for this bright future to begin! If I don’t post again before the new-year, have a Merry Christmas, have a Happy New-Year. If you are wondering where I am, I am at home, preparing to have one more happy face in my house!

Happiness is these two smiles!

Christmas Music Streaming Now!

Hey ya’ll! Check out:

It is currently streaming Christmas Music!!! Give SimmyDizzle a follow over on DLive!