Rebirth Island

Recently I have been back at the Call of Duty sensation known as WARZONE. And while I have been playing I tend to stick to Rebirth Island. Ya know, because reasons.

The warzone
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TikTok Fail?

Recently I have taken to publishing videos on TikTok, I know, what am I, 12? But no seriously, I have. I’ve put some old videos from Byte onto TikTok, as well as some gaming videos of mine. And this has been a fun experiencing, I’ve watched my videos, and quite thoroughly enjoyed them being there. Small yet fun videos. And honestly, I’ve lost way too many hours in TikTok watching Warzone Clips. So why the fail?

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Upcoming Stream! Monday December 9th 2019! #Giveaway included!

Okay, Okay, I am a junior streamer, it happens to be that on the 9th of December I am going to do a stream giveaway!

That’s correct! I am going to be giving away steam-keys throughout my broadcast to those watching!

My stream should kick off around 1130-1200 Eastern Standard Time, I don’t know what titles I will be giving away, but I do know that if I reach 50 followers, I will giveaway a 50 dollar gift card to one very lucky follower!! The draw for the 50 dollar gift card will be on the 15th of December and will be announced on twitter. Why the delay? Because if I do not hit 50 followers on the 9th, I will leave a little bit of extra time for followers to hit me up. If I hit the 50 followers on the 9th, I’ll do the draw, but I’ll still announce it on the 15th. Its a big deal.

Rules as follows: must be watching and following the stream to be entered for each keycode giveaway, and the 50 dollar gift card as well, so if you’re following but not watching at the time, you won’t be entered into the draw.

I’ll be streaming from this rig!

I know I am new to streaming, but I wanted to announce it here on my blog, as it will also go out on my twitter, and tumblr, and pintrest, etc, you get the picture. I wanted to give enough people time to understand exactly what is happening.

Not only will I be streaming and doing a giveaway, but I will also be chilling with my good friend Apache N4Sir (That is right, the Halo 2 Legend himself). We are going to be rocking the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, most likely on Hardcore, and most likely in Kill Confirmed!


Aside from the giveaway, I’d like to invite everyone to my stream, pop in, say hi, send emotes, etc. My setup doesn’t allow me (yet) to have sound-effects from my PC pop up on me so if you send me ‘lemons’ or something I won’t hear/see the notification, but it will pop up on the actual stream and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I usually check between matches.

I also am a fan of supporting other start-up streamers, so if you’re also new to streaming, if you send me a follow, I will follow you back. I am notorious for following people on stream. ViolentHippy gets a lot of my time when he is online, so does the Boomer himself. I am happy to support other streamers. So if you are new, please feel free to drop by, #SupportEachOther is real.

The new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

We will be playing on our XBox One X’s, I’ll be rocking my Elite series 2 controller, and it will be fun. I am excited to announce the stream like this. And I intend to announce further streams through this medium, at least streams that will have Giveaways and what-not associated with them.

So everyone is welcome, I am not PG13, but I hope you will be in the chat, make my life a little easier moving forward.


Moving forward I would also like to announce that I will be doing larger giveaways in the 2020 timeframe. I have intent to giveaway some pretty nice products when and where I can. It is all dependant upon how many followers I get and if I can hit that affiliate status with DLive!

If you wanna check me out, please feel free to hit me up on Dlive. That is I swear it’ll be solid!

The latest gaming rig…

My latest rig setup is all but complete.

I ran a test stream and I am waiting for it to download from I sucked. But it is a work in progress. I haven’t slept properly as I just worked a night shift so my body and mind just aren’t with it today.

Here is the test stream here.

However it is awesome to see the rig up and running.

My new monitor is awesome. I was able to stream from my Xbox to my computer without the use of the Elgato, which I am very happy about. Now all I have to do is get my microphone squared away for streaming and I should be good.


My discord is up an running, setup should be good to go. Obviously there is still some work yet to come, but ultimately I feel like I am ready to make this part of my daily routine in some capacity. Streaming, programming, etc, my setup is ready for it all.

Still messy, but progressing.

Hours of work has gone into this, years of building and planning, my crew and I are about to start streaming very soon on a very regular basis. SimmyDizzle and Friends will be showcasing all of it if possible, and we will be repping the SFLCNetwork banner.

Our video’s will all be available over on the SFLC YouTube after we are done streaming. I ask that you give us a like, follow, subscribe, etc, ya know the standard internet bs to help us build up.

I see this as an opportunity to change my life, I am building websites, streaming, and having fun. This is what life is supposed to be about, not a 40 hour work week grind where you hate everything and don’t get to see your loved ones. My dream is to do this full time, I’m probably not the most entertaining yet, but give me time, my streams so far have all been tests to check out my gear to ensure it is all working properly. Work out kinks, no not the BDSM ones, those can stay. It has been all about building towards this future, a future of gaming and fun, and time with my family. But I digress, I got off point here.


The series 2 elite controller

All that I truly need now is a green screen for production value and a better microphone. But those aren’t requirements. My body is ready to take off!

Hands on with the Elite Series 2 XBox Controller.

So I’ve sat down and played with the new Xbox Elite Controller, the Series 2 of it to be exact. This controller does not disappoint! Its easy to get used to, comfortable, a solid grip, all around enjoyable. Of all the gaming controllers I have had over the years, this one certainly takes the cake as the best controller I have ever had.

The controller is somewhat smaller than the original Elite controller, however it feels more comfortable in the hands. It seems like it is somewhat lighter than the original as well.

So where to begin in the changes from the original Elite to the Series 2, well, I’ll start with the hair triggers, the hair triggers now have 3 settings, and they are worth exploring as a FPS player. I did a few rounds of Modern Warfare to test them out and I am quite proud to announce that they were amazing to adjust.


There are many options of adjustments for the Elite Series 2, including the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the control sticks. This is a physical adjustment, as the Series 2 controller comes with a special tool to adjust their sensitivity. Additionally to this, you can continue to adjust further inside of the controller settings in the accessories app on your xbox one.

Further to this, you still have the 4 buttons on the back that are adjustable as well through the accessories app. These ‘buttons’ or ‘tabs’ or whatever you want to call them are smaller than the previous version and they feel a lot more natural in the Series 2 controller.

To amplify the awesomeness that is the Elite Series 2 controller is the fact that there is a 40 hour battery built right into the controller itself, and further to that, the controllers case is actually a docking station (charging station). So when you put the controller away, it starts charging if you’ve got your docking station all setup. It is 100% a nice addition that I didn’t see coming at all, but a very welcome bonus.

It is weird to think that this controller, its weight, its simple adjustability would turn an average gamer like myself into somewhat of a more pro gamer. This has taken my gaming to the next level, and I will continue to adjust the controller and find the settings that fit my gameplay style best.

Finally; the last thing I’d like to talk about is the controller profiles. In the original Elite controller there were only 2 profiles you could use, which is fine if you only have a few small games you play, or similar layouts, or you have a custom set of driving buttons for a game that align with your other racing games, ya know, simple things like that. However, the Series 2 has a third profile, and this may not sound like much, but this to me is a huge benefit as I play 3 games and I like to tweak their controls slightly.


If you are interested in upping your game, you can pick up an Elite Series 2 controller here. If you’ve already got an Elite Series 2 controller and you want to take your gaming to the next level even more, perhaps take a look at your monitor situation.