Xbox Live Gold, The great price reversion of 2021!

So, apparently the internet didn’t take the hike in cost of Xbox Live Gold so well. It would appear the internet bullied a massive, multibillion dollar corporation into caving in and restoring the old prices.

Additionally, they also made free-to-play games, actually free-to-play. You will no longer require a gold subscription on Xbox in order to play games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone, if it is free to play, it won’t require that subscription.

Pretty solid turn around.

Lets hope that in the future, they will listen to the fans in advance on some things. Mind you, Xbox hasn’t done a price hike for gold in years, but the hike they tried to pull over on us today, was exceptionally too high as they were doubling the cost. I could of seen like, a 50c extra per month, but doubling the cost was just way too much.

With all that said, onward to bigger and better things!

Author: simmydizzle

I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, videogame enthusiast, streamer, story teller, poet, and software developer.

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