100 Followers on DLive!

So my DLive channel hit 100 followers while I was offline! I am going to have to do something special to celebrate this 100 followers! As such I am going to do a giveaway stream on my next stream day. I am looking to give away 5-10 steam keys. Its nothing special, but I’d like to thank everyone for making this a reality!

SimmyDizzle has 100 followers, another 100 to affialiate!

My goal is to be able to qualify for affiliate status on DLive in the near future. So 100 more followers to go, but I am forever grateful for everyone who has followed, even with the offline follows.

The up-coming stream I’ll announce over on my twitter. Give me a follow there if you haven’t yet. And we shall spread the word. I am also a #RazerStreamer so as such, I will be doing a big-giveaway when I reach affiliate status on DLive. I’ll be giving away some sweet Razer swag.

Hope to see you all over on my stream! Again, check my twitter for date/time of the next stream! It’ll be announced there!

Until then, check out Boomer.TV over on DLive, he is the first in my ‘Review a Streamer’ series and is well worth the view. If you’re into watching streams, this is one of my goto peeps to check out.

Author: simmydizzle

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