MSI 31.5″ Anti-Glare LCD Curved Monitor…

Recently, a good friend of mine sent me a monitor to help me finish up my gaming rig for streaming. And I could not be happier with this amazing beast.

I plugged this delicious monitor into my Xbox One X, set my refresh rate for 120hz, and my display to 1440p, so that WQHD, not quite 4k, but better than 1080p. I started up the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and rocked out a game. It was probably my best game to date. It was so absolutely smooth, I feel set.

Modern Warfare is 100% great, with every update its better and better.

The beauty of this display is simply everything. Its big, curved, and beautiful. I have been waiting for a moment like this, who would of thought that a faster refresh rate could effect so much of a FPS game, but it really does. I know PC players have been saying that for years, and they are not wrong, every frame counts. And I understand that, but this, wow, this is going to help me reshape my overall gameplay.


Now I know people will probably go, well, you only played one game. This is true, but it was a great game, with a weapon I don’t use, and my reaction time, everything was crisp and clear, I could see people I normally couldn’t, simply because the screen is so clear. I am truly excited for the next step in my streaming adventure over on DLive.Tv. I expect it to be amazing, I’ll be streaming soon to test out the rest of my rig setup.

I cannot help but wonder if my failing eyesight has anything to do with the fact that my gameplay skill dropped, and a simple change in monitor has helped refresh that skill by making it more visible to me. I have glasses, but I think I need a new prescription. However this gift of a new screen seems to be doing me a lot of good right out the gate.

I cannot wait to put it to the fullest of tests. Check out the mess that was my original setup. I’ll be posting my new & updated setup soon!

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