Fitbit and Me!

For the past week or so, my Fitbit sync has been empty, no steps, no nothing. I know because it posts here on my blog automatically, but more than that, because I haven’t been wearing it.

I haven’t been wearing it because my charger simply would not charge. I tried changing usb ports, cleaning the connectors, etc. It just would not connect and charge so it made it quite difficult to track my fitness and my sleep. These metrics mean the world to me as I have had in the past been diagnosed with heart issues. They have since been corrected, but for a time I was quite worried about my health standing.

The Fitbit Ionic

For the past week or so as I mentioned though, I could not use my Fitbit Ionic. This corrected itself last night, when it suddenly started to charge. I didn’t touch it, I didn’t do a thing, It just started out of nowhere. I am happy it did, but as it stands, I am concerned that my Ionic, which is only a year old now, may be dying on me. With the recent purchase of Fitbit by Google, it makes me wonder if older generation Fitbits like mine will get the google treatment. Will it get a new upgrade by Google, or will it just fade away. If it gets an upgrade, will it fix my issue? Because if it doesn’t I won’t be buying another Fitbit product.


Sadly, I love my Fitbit, and I don’t want to move to another product, but if it does not work properly everytime I need it to charge, I’ll simply move on. And that is bad for business.

I am not the only person who has had this problem with the Ionic, heck, it is a chronic problem across all Fitbit devices and the recent purchase by Google could result in this problem actually getting corrected in future models. But I want to see Firmware updates for older models to ensure that all users of the Fitbit ecosystem are rewarded for their loyalty.

Fitbit, if you’re reading this post, fix your hardware so all users of it can benefit.

Author: simmydizzle

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