IFTTT overflowing mah blog!

So I have integrated if this then that (IFTTT) I to my blog. It takes things from other mediums and posts them here.

I am currently working on cutting it’s spam down, as it is publishing some things, like when I go live streaming, multiple times. Ease forgive me while I work out the kinks, I’m just trying to expedite the process of announcing important things to me. With that said, I also don’t want it spamming. So I am struggling to configure it properly. I have no clue why it is double posting some things.

As I continue to adventure down this path I will hopefully nail this down and get everything settled. I look forward to seeing the comments on the blog. And seeing you on my stream, twitter and podcasts.

Much love.

– SimmyDizzle

Author: simmydizzle

I am videogame enthusiast, streamer, story teller, poet, and software developer.

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