Change your grip…

What can your hands do for your whole routine!

When lifting and not making progress on a specific lift. Take a look at your grip. No, seriously take a look at it. This is a big deal. And I promise you, I’d you change your grip, even slightly, you change the motion, you change the movement, you change the routine. Your muscles get confused by simple changes. Perform the movement with a new grip, and you’ll notice within a few days that the routine is easier, in both grips and your weight can change. It’s wild. Truly wild.

Your body adapting and reacting to you changing your grip..

When you change your grip, your muscles have to work differently to achieve the same result. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke of this, changing the angle of a routine. The grip is another way to achieve this same result. Sure, change the angle of a exercise and you change the muscle mechanics. Same principle, but with your grip.

Now I utilize grip change all the time when on the bench, close, wide, standard. And all in-between. It effects the weight, bench strength, max reps, max weight, everything. And most importantly it effects muscle growth in ways you don’t normally achieve otherwise with the same routines. A simple change can have long lasting effects.

Try it sometime.

Trust a face, even if it’s mine. I know a bit about this, experience is a wonderful thing.

Author: simmydizzle

I am videogame enthusiast, streamer, story teller, poet, and software developer.