Absense from the blog

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    Where have I Been

    Well I’m sure nobody has been wondering as I am not exactly popular, but in case anyone out there is following my blog, where have I been, why haven’t I been posting things. Well, heres the answer. I’m still here, I just haven’t been making blog posts, which is why I started a new IFTTT setup. It will take my Instagram posts (both videos and photos) and make what I am calling MicroBlogs.

    What the hell is a MicroBlog

    A MicroBlog is simply a blog derived from my Instagram, as I always post photos and videos to my Instagram, its not a lazy work around, but it will at least post some content here in between my main blog posts. I have some beautiful and fun posts that I am working on coming up. Some very interesting posts about the things I have learned, the mistakes I have made, and what-not. So the MicroBlogs are just some basic filler so you can see that I am quite literally still around.

    Sorry if the MicroBlogs look bad

    I understand that the MicroBlogs aren’t going to be polished and beautiful, well rounded or interlink to other articles I have posted. And that I may re-use the photos used in those microblogs later on in other blog posts I do. This isn’t a cop out, it is simply a fact. But you honestly didn’t come here to look at the photos did you? Nah, you came here to get a piece of my knowledge and to follow my weight loss journey.

    Thats all Folks

    Thats it for this post, sorry I don’t have anything more to post right now, but more IS coming, I promise you, and you can all expect some serious content in the near future.