Going to the gym is always a special feeling, I especially enjoy it when I get there and it is empty.


Its something kind of special being the only one in the gym. I miss this. The cold iron everyday.

Some day I will get to enjoy a nice empty gym like this again.  For now I am stuck with one that always has people in it, dirty people who don’t clean the machines when they are done.

It is a terrible feeling getting into the gym and seeing people sweating all over the equipment and not cleaning it up before they leave.  Something I cannot stand.  I’m a larger man, overweight, and the last thing I want to do is have to clean up some fit persons sweat off the equipment before I can use it, its like they see me, an overweight man entering their gym, and they want me to be uncomfortable and leave.

I won’t let them win.  I will always work out, even if I have to clean up the equipment first.  But still.. I prefer an empty gym.

And with that said,  it is new years, the resolutioners that normally plague my gym aren’t here this year.  Perhaps they are just late bloomers, or perhaps they decided their way to make their goal was to adjust their eating habits instead of their gym time.  Either way it is very odd.  Very odd indeed.

I’m finding it quite abnormal to see an empty gym this late into January. Perhaps my manliness is scaring them away, or maybe they forgot how to get into the gym, but this is a tad bit out of the ordinary.  Maybe it is because it is a leap year, or that it was a full moon on christmas.  But something is extremely off with regards to the gym activity this year.

But I digress.

If you are hitting the gym hard this new year and beyond, whether before new year or after, hit up the comments below and let me know why.