One thing my trainer and friend Mic and I enjoy doing at the gym are 5 hunnits (or 500 rep exercise).  The goal is to do 5 different exercises, but each exercise at medium weight and 100 reps per exercise.  You can do them in sets, or all at once, although if you can do them all at once (all 100 in a single set) then your simply not using enough weight.  But if you want to push through the burning, do it!

I enjoy this exercise and I haven’t done it in a while, that is, I hadn’t done it in awhile, then yesterday happened.  I successfully completed a round of 5 hunnits at for Arm Day.  Or Armpocalypse as it should be known.  Today I can barely lift my arms and it feels great.  My muscles are sore and well, bigger.  Its why I love this. 
The swelling won’t last long, but my arms will be slightly bigger even once the swelling goes down.  Thats truly the pump for you.  It was glorious!
I finished off with an off arms exercise, 100 cable crunches to work on my abs. So really I did 600 reps, but thats just between you and me, 500 arms, 100 abs.  I had time for more exercises too, but unfortunately my arms had enough so I didn’t want to risk injury so I bailed on weight training and did 15 on the elliptical before hitting the shower.  It was a solid day for training.
Tonight is Leg Day for me, and since I gym while at work (my work provides time to gym) I am going to make sure I can barely walk by the time the gym time is over.  I’m not sure what I am going to do, but I know this, my legs will be sore tomorrow!