I have adopted a ‘No Excuses‘ lifestyle as of lately.  And that includes the big change of optimizing my living room to be able to handle me achieve some greatness via XboxFitness.  Which I have recently been using a lot more on my days not in the gym to do workouts.

I have never been one for ‘video’ exercises, you know, follow the trainer on the screen.  But lately I have turned to this due to the limited space in my house and my lack of a home gym.  And I have noticed it to be a great help in my personal and physical health.

I am hoping that my little display albeit a clustered room (lots of kids toys and it being the Christmas season) isn’t the cleanest of setups.  But it’ll do!  No Excuses, its time to get the work done!

On my agenda for today with #XboxFitness,

  1. Tai Chi Basics – Warmup
  2. 10 Minute Solution – Pilates Core
  3. 10 Minute Solution – Low Impact Fat Blaster.

It works out to be just over 30 minutes of exercises, then I’ll do 30 minutes on the Elliptical and call it a day for my physical training.

With all that said, setting up the living room takes 30 seconds to do, I’ve found the time to make this part of my life daily, there is no excuses anymore.  Health has got to be my goal, otherwise my kids will grow up knowing a fat, sick, shell of a man that I once used to be.  Oh if they could of seen me in my prime.  They would be impressed.  Its funny how a few years of bad luck (car accident, broken leg and depression) can turn a man who was super fit and healthy into a shell of a man.  I’m tired of letting those things hold me back from being the great man I once was, I am I bringing it back.

Follow along and see if you too will join me on this journey!  Starting today with some Xbox Fitness!