The one day Vacation

Recently I took a short vacation, in scheduled and it took place instead of a stream. It was an outing that I did not know that I needed. And I am grateful.

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Affiliate or Bust!


Recently I started working on building a guide to help my fellow DLive streamers who use restream configure their stream properly. And this lead me over to utilizing to write the guide.

Xbox logo, courtsey of

What started as an innocent attempt at expanding my universe turned into me becoming an Affiliate over on Twitch. In the span of 3 weeks, I gained 20 followers, bringing me up to 50, and I have maintained my 3 CCU. This is just the start for me though.

I decided to stay with twitch, because on DLive I am a solid 70 followers away from their ‘affiliate’ status. Ya know, where I can get subscriptions.


Dlive has been my home for the past, well, almost year now, and I am sad to say that I will not be streaming there anymore. But with all the changes to the platform, I just do not feel it is stable enough for me. With issues from taking out my money, to it not displaying me online to my followers. This has gone from being a beautiful streaming platform, to one where I simply do not feel like I will be successful, at least not until they correct their plethora of problems.

My setup (old photo).. It grows and changes daily!

Most of the problems on dlive sprung up earlier this year when they merged with Bittorrent. With this merger their money system (Lino) was changed for bittorrents, TRON. This caused issues, as anyone who wants to stream for a career, needs to be able to have their money. From what I gather it isn’t an issue anymore, but it was for a time. I simply cannot afford to have issues where my money becomes locked from me. This was part of the reasons why I am making the change.


When asked about mixer, as I have been restreaming from dlive to twitch and mixer. I had this to say, with over 25 hours of restreamed content, mixer had the fewest viewers, and zero new followers. The platform while bigger than DLive, appears to be extremely hostile to new streamers, with vast requirements, such as 2000 followers to get partnered to make money on the platform. This to me is a little overzealous of them.

So pretty!

I love microsoft, and xbox, so Mixer seemed like the real location where I would end up, but alas, it is not the case.


What happens now?

So what happens now for SimmyDizzle? Well, all my streams going forward will take place on I have to do what I feel is right for me, and this affiliation with twitch was what I needed to feel like I made the right decision. I was only experimenting with the different platforms, but the affiliation makes me realize that this platform is the right one for me.

Breaking down the numbers.

On twitch you need 50 followers to be allowed subscribers to your channel. Along with a minimum of 3 concurrent viewers and minimum stream of 500 minutes per month. This is an easy thing to keep up. And while stream growth on twitch is slower than dlive, twitch is the main platform for streamable gaming content. This is where my home is, and it is funny, I have come full circle as this is where I started streaming so many years ago.

No Pants Crew?

So the No Pants Crew is sorta a ‘clan’ if you will. It is a group of like minded streamers and gamers. And ultimately my closest friends. Many people are invited to our discord, in fact, anyone can join it. But only those with the right permissions can enter into our voice chat and broadcast.

If you’re a FPS gamer, and you wanna join a fun group, do stop by my twitch sometime and type !discord in the chat, it’ll provide you the link to join our discord. I shant be posting the link here due to the fact that I like to make the link expire every now and then to prevent bots from crawling in and spamming the channels.



I broadcast my stream with subtitles. It is a work in progress but I am working on having it take what I say and subtitle my stream. This is so the hearing impaired community can take part in the stream easily. I’d like to see people support this community more. The streaming community needs to involve this community and I am constantly working on new ways to support them. I will try my best to make the system more consise and clear and with less errors. (I am a hobby programmer).


On my twitch profile page there is infact a schedule of me gaming. As I am currently working a shift cycle so I tend to post my schedule there.

If you know where this is from, toss me the link and I’ll link it.

See you next time.

I will see you next time over on my channel, do feel free to stop by, again it is

Review a Streamer: Boomer_Nation

I am a fan of video game streaming, some people often ask, why would you watch someone else play a video game, thats dumb… etc etc. I usually return with a comment about them watching sports, and how they should play instead of watching… Usually shuts them up pretty quickly.

And that leads in to this streamer review.


Boomer_Nation is a great guy to watch over on DLive. He is interactive, funny, does giveaways, recently he gave away a Razer Kiyo camera a person on his stream.

He is a family man, with kids and a wife that has taken up the moniker of Mrs.Boomer, who also streams over on DLive. The family element of his stream is part of the attraction here. Obviously you have to ask why this is a good thing, at least for me. Well I am happy to see a whole family be involved in the streaming world. This is why streaming is so unique, because a person with a family, can be successful doing something they truly love, with the people they love and it works out beautifully.

I have stopped in multiple times on his stream and told jokes, shared crazy gifs on his chat, talked shop, and he has returned by shouting me out on twitter, and drawn more people to my channel as well. You can see that the community on DLive is self-supporting, and at the heart of it, is this fine gentleman. Not once have I asked for anything from him, I have just watched and enjoyed his stream. Even laughed when his kids came on stream to ask him for things. No pause button, just watched him go right to town with his kids, no fear of his character dying, nothing, his family came first and that made my heart sing.


Being a part of that family element is amazing, because the other day, over on twitch we all got to see the exact opposite of what an amazing parent would do. I won’t go into many details here, but a woman in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was arrested for abusing her child on stream when she was interrupted playing a popular video game.

Join the boomer nation!

This is a real difference in gaming, parenting, and so-on. This is the reason why I am a fan of Boomer, he plays, interacts, and is clearly a great parent becuase he doesn’t let his stream, video games, anything get in the way of his family life, his children, his wife. And that makes him worth the watch, if not for the games, for the obvious love this man has for his family, it is elating to see.

If you haven’t given boomer a chance, I suggest you head on over to his channel on DLive and watch. It is good to see someone who shares good wholesome family values stream their obvious downtime and be happy doing it, even if there is interruptions.


  • 1 Jan 2020 – Edited to reflect new name-change. Boomer.TV is now Boomer_Nation

The latest gaming rig…

My latest rig setup is all but complete.

I ran a test stream and I am waiting for it to download from I sucked. But it is a work in progress. I haven’t slept properly as I just worked a night shift so my body and mind just aren’t with it today.

Here is the test stream here.

However it is awesome to see the rig up and running.

My new monitor is awesome. I was able to stream from my Xbox to my computer without the use of the Elgato, which I am very happy about. Now all I have to do is get my microphone squared away for streaming and I should be good.


My discord is up an running, setup should be good to go. Obviously there is still some work yet to come, but ultimately I feel like I am ready to make this part of my daily routine in some capacity. Streaming, programming, etc, my setup is ready for it all.

Still messy, but progressing.

Hours of work has gone into this, years of building and planning, my crew and I are about to start streaming very soon on a very regular basis. SimmyDizzle and Friends will be showcasing all of it if possible, and we will be repping the SFLCNetwork banner.

Our video’s will all be available over on the SFLC YouTube after we are done streaming. I ask that you give us a like, follow, subscribe, etc, ya know the standard internet bs to help us build up.

I see this as an opportunity to change my life, I am building websites, streaming, and having fun. This is what life is supposed to be about, not a 40 hour work week grind where you hate everything and don’t get to see your loved ones. My dream is to do this full time, I’m probably not the most entertaining yet, but give me time, my streams so far have all been tests to check out my gear to ensure it is all working properly. Work out kinks, no not the BDSM ones, those can stay. It has been all about building towards this future, a future of gaming and fun, and time with my family. But I digress, I got off point here.


The series 2 elite controller

All that I truly need now is a green screen for production value and a better microphone. But those aren’t requirements. My body is ready to take off!