I haven’t talked about myself in a while, unless you talked to me recently, then you’ve probably heard me talking about myself. Not sure why, but I do. A lot.

This is the photo that I use for literally everything.
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#Fitness – What’s the best time to workout

Over the years I have often wondered what is the best time to workout.  This plagues me evenmore today despite having a solid workout routine I am often wondering if it is the right time or not.

Do you workout before you eat, or after, if so when after, how long do you wait before and after. I’ve always asked these questions. There’s conflicting research posts online. Some say before, others after, some day it doesn’t matter so long as you workout.  That’s the one I follow, workout no matter what and when.

Whether I subside or outside I am always working out. Gym or home. Downtown or at the beach I find placesto and ways to add a little fitness I my daily activities.

But I am always questing for the best results, what routine worked best for you? Comment below with what and why and how you figure it worked for you.  I want to know!