Completely random meme dump.

I love a good meme, even a bad meme, so with that said, lets get right into the guts of this meme dump. Yeah that is right, I said into the guts. Fight me!

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Corona Virus and Quarantine?

The corona virus, COVID19 as it’s known, has really fucked up the world right about now.

So without further adieu, here are the best memes to date. Try and keep happy, I know this is a trying time for us all. We will come out on top as a species, but let’s laugh along the way.

Try and keep in good spirits people!! We all share this boat together… Social distanced of course.

Kobe Memes pt. 3

I said I wouldn’t do this anymore.. yet here I am, roasting Kobe like a crashed helicopter fire .. Kobeeee!

Me: I swear this is the last time… Honestly…

Also me: starts making more Kobe memes…