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Tag: horror

Short Stories

The Infected City: Chapter 2

    24 hours before the brown out.  “GUS! GET IN HERE QUICK!”, a diresome shriek echoed throughout the house. Gus still freshly back from his bus route and tired from his shift slowly got out of his recliner.  “I mean, what could Darla be yelling about?” His wife was always the panicked type. And well, Gus was kind of a […]

Short Stories

The Infected City: Chapter 1

“Wind, there was always that wind, gusting through the tall buildings and howling.”, thought Jack as he gazed at the night sky that was illuminated by the city lights.  “No stars again.”, he thought as he tossed over in his bed. It was always something for Jack, he could never sleep. Born with sleep apnea, struggling with insomnia, he could […]