Pari… A Movie Review.

Pari is a Hindi language movie straight from Bollywood about of all things, a fairy. This demonic take on a fairy is just what the horror movie enthusiast ordered.

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Stree… A Movie Review.

Did you think this month of horror reviews wouldn’t contain horror movies from Bollywood? Well, you’d be wrong if you thought so. My love of Hindi movies is quite expansive and that extends into the horror realm! Let me introduce you to, Stree!

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Bhoot Police (2021) – A movie review

You’ve all heard of the Ghost Busters right? Well Bhoot Police is a funny Hindi tale of two brothers who inherited their fathers business as a spiritualist that banishes spirits.

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Happy New Year… A Movie Review.

Happy New Year is a hindi movie starring Shah Ruhk Khan. This movie is a comedy, drama, but more than anything, it is the comedy. The female interest of the movie is played by Deepika Padukone. And when she plays opposite of Shah Ruhk Khan, you can bet that there is some on screen chemistry.

I have a soft spot for Hindi movies, and this one is like no other, it is so bad that it is good. This won awards, and both Shah Ruhk Khan and Deepika Padukone felt really bad accepting the awards because of how bad the movie was.

But when you are Shah Ruhk Khan and over 3 billion people know you as a house hold name, you’re going to win awards for just about anything.

Shah Ruhk Khan

The movie is about a man seeking revenge for his father, and to do so, he must heist diamonds from the man who betrayed his father. But to do so, he must do something completely unimaginable, he must compete in an international dance competition.

Deepika Padukone


The reason every female knows who Shah Ruhk Khan is. And me too… To be honest.

The movie stars more than just Shah Ruhk Khan and Deepika Padukone, but I won’t go into details here, just know that the comedy lineup here is great.

Recognize the faces? I sure do!

As the movie progresses the stars each face their own situations they must overcome. From epilepsy, so not being able to dance, to requiring anger management, and being a drunk. Obviously all fueled by hate, and for revenge.

A very good reason to watch this movie. IMHO.

This cast of characters comes together rather well in a terrible way, this movie shouldn’t work, it shouldn’t of won awards, but yet, somehow it did and I am thankful for it. Sometimes a movie can be so bad, that it is good. And this movie is one of those.


I give this movie a solid 8 out of 10. Without spoilers, its good, if you have time to read my reviews, you have time to throw on this movie, hit the subtitle button, and watch, laugh, cringe, and smile. Its worth it.

Goin’ Up?

Dangal… A Movie Review…

Dangal (Wrestler/wrestling) is a true story about a man who raised his daughters to compete at the national level after his dreams of competing in the nationals were crushed years before.

Aamir Khan about to show why he is the best Indian Actor. IMHO…

Aamir Khan stars as Mahavir Singh Phogat, a father who nearly tares his family apart to make his daughters wrestle, but in the end he raises not one, but two olympic level wrestling athletes. This is an emotional story, and based on a true story and the acting, is simply superb, Aamir delivers a truly amazing potrayal, as always his acting is simply amazing.

Fatima Sana Shaikh as Geeta Phogat.

But this movie is not about Aamir Khan, nor his character Mahavir Singh Phogat, no no, this movie is about his daughter, Geeta Phogat ( Fatima Sana Shaikh), the first Indian female to ever compete at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Where she won a gold medal, and her sister Babita Kumari ( Sanya Malhotra) won silver medal.

Throughout this movie there is a serious rise and fall of character depth and story. As the focus shifts from Father to Daughter, from Daughter to Younger Daughter, and back to Didi (eldest sister). This progression sets up for the final moments.

As this movie is based on a real life events, I cannot do my normal spoiler free, commentary, as I already spoiled it by detailing the actual events of the real-life above. But what I still say is that this movie takes a twist I didn’t know of near the end, and it got me all emotional. I truly fell in love with the characters in this movie and I felt for them. Even more so when I realized that this was based on a true life story.


These women still compete today (as of the writing of this post). I am happy that I have been exposed to this, movie, otherwise I wouldn’t of known this story at all. This is the type of story you want to tell your kids, to show them how hard work, dedication, and a parent willing to sacrifice anything can help set you up for true success in this world.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, albeit I knew it would be good as I have a thing for Aamir Khan’s movies. He doesn’t make bad movies, it just isn’t in him to do.

I give this movie a solid 9.5 out of 10. It truly hits home in great ways, makes you feel something for the characters, its full of adventure, twists, turns, great acting, the works. If you don’t speak hindi, just throw on subtitles, its worth it.Believe me. I don’t speak hindi, albeit I am learning, and I gotta say once you get used to reading the subtitles, you can barely notice it. And it is so worth it, it opens up a whole new world of film and cinema to you.