Review a Streamer: ViolentHippy

My quest to highlight streamers continues, today with ViolentHippy. In my opinion, one of the best streamers, not only on DLive, but across any platform. I have watched hundreds of streamers over the past few years, and rarely do I ever return to watch them again, they just don't have that, special something. Well, ViolentHippy... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Stream! Monday December 9th 2019! #Giveaway included!

Okay, Okay, I am a junior streamer, it happens to be that on the 9th of December I am going to do a stream giveaway! That's correct! I am going to be giving away steam-keys throughout my broadcast to those watching! My stream should kick off around 1130-1200 Eastern Standard Time, I don't know what... Continue Reading →

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