2020 & COVID19 Strike Back! Meme Edition!

I would be a silly Billy if I didn’t say this year has been something kind of special. And when it comes to special, we have to go all out, right people?

So without anymore waiting, here are the latest, and greatest memes about 2020, and the on-going COVID-19 pandemic! Now these are just my favourites, there are lots out there to choose from, but right now, these are the ones that make me giggle the most. So lets do this!


Why can't you just be normal?

Who would of thought that this meme would of made it so far into the pandemic? Nobody, yet here we are!


You get the toilet paper!

Sometimes, these memes just write themselves don’t they? Sure it has been a while since toilet paper has been scarce, but this still makes me giggle.


Looking outside

I am 100% willing to bet most people start there day with doing this, or a modified form of this to start their day in 2020. I mean, lets be real here, 2020 has certainly been an ‘interesting’ year.



Ordering pizza, hell, anything in 2020 is an experience. I haven’t seen the delivery guy since March, but my stuff always arrives in a timely manner and is left on the porch.



Its different, and true

Nobody could of been meme’d better in this situation than the wonderful Terry Crews. Also, its not wrong.


2020 be like

I couldn’t feel more for this picture if I tried. 2020 sure has us all holding on for dear life.


2020 vs llama

If there is ever a time where a Disney character cannot be used to convey the apocalypse, then we are truly at our end of days, nay, our Doomsday.


Undercooked bat

One, single, bat. That is all it took to cripple the worlds economy, and crush our health care systems world wide. This spits fire, and truth. That goes to show you just how fragile our world and society truly is.



This meme gets the Trekkie in me, big time! I am proud of this meme, because I can actually see this happening in the world of Trek.


You're sick!

This joke has been going since the start. But I 100% feel this. I had to stop drinking Corona because people didn’t realize when I said I had Corona that I wasn’t talking about the silly virus.


I cannot leave you like this, without one, more, thing. So here it is, my new favourite song since the Pandemic started!

Lowkey F2020!

Straight up, the latest 2020 memes worth lolling at!

Meme Dump #10

Well where the F*ck have I been? Its time for another meme dump! So hold onto your butts folks! Here we go!


That sums it up for now… But more memes are coming! Oh yes, more memes will be flowing here soon! I only curate the best!

Corona Virus and Quarantine?

The corona virus, COVID19 as it’s known, has really fucked up the world right about now.

So without further adieu, here are the best memes to date. Try and keep happy, I know this is a trying time for us all. We will come out on top as a species, but let’s laugh along the way.

Try and keep in good spirits people!! We all share this boat together… Social distanced of course.