The one day Vacation

Recently I took a short vacation, in scheduled and it took place instead of a stream. It was an outing that I did not know that I needed. And I am grateful.

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New Website coming soon(tm).

So as some people may know, I am a programmer by nature, yes, I do a lot of stuff don’t I? I program, I bodybuild, I cook, play video games, raise children, work in the military, amongst a few dozen other things. How do I find the time?

Well a brief background on programming, I started way back in the 90’s watching my brother program in Watcom basic on a really old computer we had. It was for his class in school, obviously, but I just fell in love with it. And I proceeded to work on many of programs and applications over the years since.

For ages I was part of the MUD(Multi User Dimension) community. Creating online text based role playing games. Which was super fun, in-fact, you can find most of my released snippets over on under the name Omega.