Omicron Variant.. A story told by memes.

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We all know and love COVID-19 memes right? No? Oh well, how about memes about the like 98.99% survivability? Nah, omicron memes it is!

This is probably my favourite Omicron Variant meme. But I assure you the rest are equally funny!

Classic memes like this being re used as covid memes are amazing. And I salute the creator!

I mean, I’m vaccinated, and you all look delicious. So Lur (Lrr) has a good point my future meals.

I mean, Loki variants and covid variants go hand in hand.

Who said the world was on the mend? We are just as broken now as we were when this nonsense started.

I mean, it sounds about right..

My body is ready, when can I eat the popplers?

I mean, let’s go? What a wild ride we are in.

It’s true, it’s so true!

Ha, Lur gets me!

I really don’t care for any more covid news. It’s true. I just don’t care anymore.

If this is how the variants worked I’d support it.

And that’s all folks!!

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