IT Meme Dump

Everybody who reads my blog is obviously a IT person right? RIGHT? Not so, that is okay, you can follow along just the same whether you are, or are not, a tech person.

Not going to lie, but this is me, this is exactly what I do, every, single, time.

Sometimes the memes are closer to life than life is to the memes.

I find this offensive, and accurate.

I’ve been a long standing Linux user for decades now (yes, literally decades, SimmyDizzle is getting old folks).

This is a hostile work environment, but I would be remise if I didn’t say, that I’d love to work in a place that has this kind of sense of humour.

In the event of a accidental nerf firing, we recommend all employees wear face shields and protective gear.

Pretty close to how I felt as a software engineer and having people ask me for better hardware.

I almost feel personally attacked here, my kids asked me for better hardware when the pandemic started. I agreed and now we are running some stellar hardware.

These numbers look very accurate.

I am honestly surprised about how long it took Facebook to be adopted by people. I feel as if I’d be lost without it.


I program fluently in Python, and I hates it.

I am a C++ programmer but I can write in other languages too. Python is by far the most requested language I get asked about. And I hate it.

Its a ‘cover’ of Weird Al’s song, but they did a pretty good job!
People really don’t like this whole concept of Windows 11.

Its been many of years since Windows 10 was released. I am excited to see what Windows 11 brings to the table.

Java always needs updates. The feels here are so real!

Every single time I try to do anything on my computer, I have a Java update notification. One day I’ll actually complete that update. Some day. In the future. When I’m not too busy not updating Java.


Back in the day, LAN parties were the most amazing things. I miss those days.

If we rewind to the 1990’s, that was like, what, 10 years ago right? RIGHT? We had the most amazing parties, friends got together, and we ran just the sweetest LAN parties. Duke Nukem, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Warcraft 2, Diablo, etc. You simply could not compete with those fantastic memories of a time long lost.

Moms always trying to kill the games!

Back in the day, this was scary because most kids didn’t understand that the game was still there on the C drive. We have become far more adept now as people. But some people have a lot of learning.

I mean, he’s not wrong.

This kind of goes with the old blond joke about whiteout on the screen. Its funny as it points out peoples misunderstanding of basic computing concepts. Sadly, people still have these misconceptions, even now in 2021. An entire generation raised on technology, and so many still have no clue how to use any of it.

Vista was another kind of special. A kind of special that licked windows.

I’m not going to say Windows Vista was terrible, it was a step up from Windows Millennium Edition. And by a step up, I mean, ME was basically like watching a Stroke happen in Slow Motion. To be polite about it.

Linux users have it so rough.

I said it before, I’ve been using Linux for decades. And while this post highlights the hilarity of this meme, that was not my intent. But I know so many techs that when they find out that a person is using Windows, they lose it and try to convert people. Yes, I am a tech, I do software development. (You can find some of my open source projects on my Github). But I never try to convert people to one operating system or another. My needs as a technician are different than a home user, a graphic designer, a software engineer, a app developer (notably different than software design due to the software typically used to develop apps).

With that said, these are just some of my favourite memes that have come across my feed as of late and I figured I would share them with you all.