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Did you know that you can subscribe to our website or make a one time donation? Well, you absolutely can, but why should you?

  • 1 – It helps SimmyDizzle maintain this website, that means providing quality content.
  • 2 – We try to keep advertisements limited on the website, donations and subscriptions remove our need to lace this website with advertisements.
  • 3 – To be honest there is no third reason. It is up to you, and we just wanted to supply you, the reader, with ways you can help us continue to produce our content.

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One Time 5$ Donation!


By subscribing monthly, a small 5$ USD will be charged to your credit card. This helps keep the website running and producing content that you enjoy.

You absolutely do not have to subscribe or donate to our website. We will remain free to all no matter what and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our content.

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