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I recently announced that I would be returning to streaming, and I said it would be soon. Like, within the next week. That post was just a few days ago and it is almost coming true. With of course, one final hang-up.

AIO Coolers and Me

So as by the caption, my AIO cooler has died, and that has left me in somewhat of a lurch, but no fear folks! I have ordered new cooling equipment. This will simply put, help me get the job done. So I have comprised a list below of all the new stuff I ordered. It all arrives by end of this week unless the Amazon fails me.

Since my PC is a MSI PC, I decided to upgrade keeping in-line with other MSI products. This ensures I’ll be good to go. Now, my original AIO cooler was a single fan, I am changing that and re-laying out my stream box.

What was happening?

So my computer was going to a green screen, (windows 11 wizardry me thinks), and entering into a reboot loop. Every now and then it would let me know that the PC was basically overheating. So I managed to get into the computer and open my hardware monitor and see my CPU heat reaching the max across all cores. I’m no scientist but I am pretty confident that means the AIO cooler died. Sure enough when holding the tubes to the AIO cooler, they do not vibrate, like, no pulsing at all. That means its dead.

I tried panel magic!

So for a few weeks I removed the side panel of the computer in hopes that would be good enough as my girlfriend was doing a graphics design course and using my computer, please note, she graduated and is working on setting up her own website and business. Its not much right now because its set up for her school, but this is her site. Sadly she has to leave it alone until the school finishes grading, then it’ll go into maintenance mode and will be replaced with the new site. (Significantly better, and with a lot more content, and far more polished, I assure you.)


As she was working in Adobe InDesign the computer would lock-up and crash, it made the last two weeks of her course absolute hell, surprisingly, that is the portion of the course where she had to do graphics manipulation and website design to build an online portfolio. So ultimately the PC failing became an extra big issue. The side panel trick did the trick, for the most part. However it started to get worse again and started to lock up and crash more, overheating.

So that is why you did it!

Yes, I stopped streaming so my girlfriend could use my computer to do her graphics design course. Keep in mind, she is a fulltime chef at the writing on this article and she is working to transition over to a career in graphics design. So I was doing everything I could to help her achieve that goal. And that meant giving up the stream for a bit. Additionally, the reason I bought the new hardware is simply because the stuff I had failed. But I digress, for now.

Ram Cooling or bust!

The next on the block is my RAM, since my computer clearly has some heat behind it, I decided to add the fabled RAM cooler to see if this helps at all. Now I doubt it will and I will be sure to post an update if I find out to the contrary, but this is the one I got.

Since my system is running a cool 32gb DDR4 3400MHZ RAM, I am all the hopeful that this will work, but again, there is no assurances that it’ll actually do anything other than light up, but I hope it does impact the overall heat within my PC.

More Fans! My only plans!

And finally, I have opted to replace the original single fan that was connected to my CPU for AIO purposes with a standard fan. As I said, I will be completely redoing the internals of this computer and as such I need to ensure that the pressure is maintained properly. This will bring the total volume of fans in/out of my PC up to 6, that is a solid 2 more fans than before. Needless to say, the PC should no longer overheat.

More than I bargained for!

Now the new AIO cooler comes with its own Thermal Paste, however I have consistently used Artic in the past when doing my computers without issue. Now I know what you are thinking my AIO died, maybe it isn’t good, well, I didn’t make this PC, I did an evil thing and got a store bought pre-configured computer. So if anything, they failed me. As such I will continue with my old way of doing things using the products I know and trust.

Stream Details

So how does this all effect the stream? Well, I am returning to streaming soon, I will be streaming in the evenings, this much I know, and it should be as early as next week, once the new PC cooling hardware is in place. I have additional cooling stuff in my amazon wish list, and I’ll be ordering that when I can.

The stream will return soon and we will be bringing the heat in Apex Legends.


trying out arenas in Apex Legends for the first time. ooooh i likey! #apexlegends #arenas #clips

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I’ve already been at it.

It has been a hot moment since I played Apex Legends, and recently Uncle Tony got me to drop in and play. And let me tell you, it was full of the best jokes and laughs and fun times. It reminded me of everything I have been missing since I stopped streaming. Which I did for good reason, and now I can return to it! And I am excited for it!

SimmyDizzle Logo
This is the new banner for SimmyDizzle-Dot-Com as created by Grishma’s Design.

All in all, there will be a flurry of new things happening in the stream, including a stable schedule. I know, weird right? I’ll be streaming consistently at certain times (still to be determined, but it will be happening).


I hope you guys are all excited for the grand return to Facebook Gaming and the stream. I know I sure am!

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